Full-Ride Scholarships

The Truth About Full-Ride Scholarships

Today, we are focusing on the elusive full-ride scholarship. Yes, you heard that correctly – we said “elusive” because while they are out there, full-ride scholarships can be more challenging to obtain. We didn’t say it was impossible, but winning one of these awards may not be as easy as you might think. Thankfully, our scholarship specialist, Tiffany, is here to give you the inside scoop. So, sit back and enjoy the video!

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All About Education

This Month, It’s All About Education!

Every month, ScholarshipExperts.com offers students just like yourself the unique opportunity to win free money for college by simply writing a short essay. This month, we’re featuring the $3,000 All About Education Scholarship. To enter, all you have to do is explain how $3,000 will make a difference in your life. Want to get some inside tips on how to be a stronger contender? Watch this short clip featuring one of our scholarship specialists, Tiffany.

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Golf Scholarships

Find Your ‘Sweet Spot’ With These Golf Scholarships

Do you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors looking for birdies, eagles or albatrosses? Well, you’re either a member of the Audubon Society or a golfer. If you belong to the latter half, you probably already know that today is National Golfer’s Day. It’s a perfect excuse to take off early from school and hit the links, especially since there may be money to be won. And we’re not talking about those side bets you place with your friends. We mean scholarship money! It’s not just the football and basketball players who score all the green for college. Many organizations offer golfers substantial awards for playing on school teams or simply because they love the game. Don’t believe us? Check out these golf scholarships you can receive simply for getting a little ball to go into a cup.

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World Health Day

Healthcare Scholarships in Celebration of World Health Day

World Health Day was first celebrated on April 7, 1950 to mark the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO). The organization, which is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, deals with international public health. Since its creation, the WHO has played a crucial role in eradicating smallpox and helping to reduce the spread of communicable diseases, such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. This year’s World Health Day initiative will focus on educating people on the prevention and control of vector-borne diseases. More than 50 percent of the world’s population is at risk from these illnesses, which are spread through bites from mosquitoes, flies, ticks, and other bugs. Doctors, nurses, pathologists, and others in the healthcare field are vital to keeping populations educated about these potential dangers and treating those who are affected by them. Unfortunately, pursuing a medical career can be quite expensive, and many students find themselves saddled with high student loan debt. There are, however, many scholarships available to help students reduce their costs. Here are just a few healthcare scholarships that are currently open.

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Poetry Scholarships

10 Poetry Scholarships for Creative Students

Are you drawn to the dark images Edgar Alan Poe evokes through his poetry? Does Maya Angelou’s strong feminist prose speak to you? Maybe you prefer to sit quietly and read the many well-known pieces written by Robert Frost, E.E. Cummings, or Emily Dickinson? No matter who inspires you, if you have a love of poetry and a talent for writing it, you could turn that passion into cash for college. April in National Poetry Month, so now is the perfect time to put pen to paper, and try your luck at some of these poetry scholarships and contests that are currently accepting applications.

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