Textbooks or eBooks?

ebooks for college Technology has changed the the way we live, work, and play. So, there is no surprise that so many students ask the question: Should I use textbooks or ebooks in college? You will be happy to know that there isn’t any right or wrong answer. It’s totally your preference of whether you use textbooks or ebooks. Below is a list of pros and cons to help you decide. Continue Reading…

Please, Recommend Me!

letter of recommendation When you begin applying for free money for college, scholarship providers may ask for recommendation letters from your teachers, community leaders, or friends. Recommendation letters are a formal, candid way for scholarship organizations to learn more about your character and leadership skills. This third-party letter can make a huge difference in whether you receive a scholarship. So, don’t take it for granted! Here are a few tips to help you on your recommendation journey.

1. Ask Individuals Who Know You Well

Recommenders should be able to discuss your unique talents and skills. The best recommendations are written by people who know you on a personal or professional level. Teachers and guidance counselors are great sources. You also should consider community leaders, coaches, church members, and past or current supervisors. Continue Reading…

Financial Aid Package Battle

financial aid battle Your dream college has accepted you for enrollment next fall and has mailed your financial aid package for review. The package includes a hefty scholarship from the college and federal loans and grants. However, you just received an award letter stating that you won a $10,000 scholarship from an external organization. Congrats! Will this $10,000 scholarship you earned affect your financial aid package? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple. It depends on the college’s policies.

Some colleges will treat the $10,000 as if you saved it and intended to use it for college expenses. If your financial aid is need-based, then the school’s financial assistance office may reduce the university’s scholarship they were going to give you. Continue Reading…

Merit Scholarships vs. Scholarship Sweepstakes

college scholarshipsAs you begin your scholarship search, you will be introduced to several types of scholarship opportunities. Students always are interested in the difference between merit scholarships and scholarship sweepstakes. But, just remember, you should apply for both types because each will offer you cash for college.

Merit scholarships are based on your excellence. For example, merit scholarships may require a particular ACT or SAT score, a minimum grade point average, or a great essay discussing a superpower. These scholarships want to learn more about the applicant and how he or she would be an awesome candidate for free money. With merit scholarships, you have to prove that you are best applicant. Judges may evaluate your application on creativity, originality, or relevance. Continue Reading…

5 Tips for Writing a Great Scholarship Essay

Writing a Scholarship Essay As a prospective college student, you need to understand the importance of writing great essays to grab your audience’s attention. Learning how to write well will move you forward in college, from acing your English exam to earning a scholarship to pay for your books.

The scholarship process may seem tedious and unbearable sometimes. However, you possess a remarkable talent that needs to be told to others.  How you describe that special quality of yours is the key to winning scholarships.

The essay is arguably one of the most important parts of the scholarship process. Your essay will set you apart from other applicants. Therefore, you must do your very best to make clear, concise points to surpass the competition. Here are five tips to writing an excellent scholarship essay: Continue Reading…

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