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The first in a series of additions to be rolled out into production are our Scholarship Search, Scholarship Score, and College Search Widgets. The Scholarship Search Widget is like ScholarshipExperts.comLite.  This tool prompts you to answer 7 questions, specific to location and academics, and then gives you scholarships you may be eligible for, based on how you answered those 7 questions. Go ahead and give it a try. Continue Reading…

FYI: Dean’s List Education Scholarship

money for college Yes, college costs are increasing sharply every year. However, you don’t have to be a victim to the price hikes. Instead, you should stay focused on your studies. Why? Because you could receive a Dean’s List Education Scholarship.

Dean’s List Education Scholarships are free money offered by colleges and universities across the country to students who excel academically. Requirements vary depending on the institution. You should expect a prerequisite minimum GPA between 3.0-3.5. The school also may request letters of recommendations from faculty members.

In addition, students are usually recognized at graduation for being on the Dean’s List for more than one semester. Some schools even have a special ceremony to celebrate the students’ achievements. Continue Reading…

Financial Aid & College Admission

applying for financial aid Does applying for financial aid hurt your chances of admission? Well, it depends on the school.

Most universities implement the need-blind admissions policy. This rule does not focus on the applicant’s ability to pay for his or her education during the admissions process. The policy allows students an equal opportunity to be admitted.

Admission officers are encouraged to review the application based on the student’s personal and academic ability to succeed at the university, despite the student’s financial need. Thus, the financial aid application does not have any effect on the admissions committee’s decision. Continue Reading…

Master’s Degrees: What’s the Benefit?

getting a master's degree Are you thinking about pursuing more education after college? Well, great for you! Master’s degrees will give you in-depth knowledge about your chosen field and could possibly help you earn more money in the workforce.

A graduate degree provides you with an opportunity to intensely study your undergraduate degree or even pursue the study of any other field. You should expect to read and write more papers, participate in class discussions, and analyze others’ opinions.

Similar to your peers, you may have a few questions: Is graduate school really worth the trouble? Will earning a Master’s degree make a difference in my career? What are the advantages of obtaining a Master’s degree?

Let’s explore the benefits of earning your advanced degree. Continue Reading…

Proposed Budget Cuts: Will Students Be Affected?

budget cuts College students may face the largest cut in financial aid in the history of the Federal Pell Grant Program. The Pell Grant is free money disbursed by the government to low-income undergraduate students to help pay for their tuition. Currently, students can receive up to $5,550 per year.  Across America, nearly 9 million students take advantage of this program to help fund their education. Under Republican leadership, the proposal would effectively drop the grant to $4,705, a reduction of $845.

The budget cut could effectively end the college education for many low-income students. The money makes a huge difference for students juggling expenses for textbooks, child care, and rent. Since most Pell Grant recipients have an annual family household income of $20,000, many students may be forced to enroll in fewer courses or take out more student loans. Continue Reading…


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