Roommates 101: Develop A Good Relationship

college roommatesLiving with a roommate is either one of the scariest or most exciting moments of a college freshman’s life. You have no clue who the person may be or even what his/her personality is like. However, some incoming students dread the experience and hope they are not matched up with a person similar to the overbearing, obsessed girl in the movie The Roommate.

While you’re waiting for your roommate to arrive, you should be thinking about how to develop good relationship with that person. Ponder about your likes, dislikes, and what really annoys you. Also, be mindful of the other person’s quirks and things he/she may request of you. Living with a college roommate is about setting boundaries so that everyone is comfortable to live, work, and play in the college dorm. Continue Reading…

The Recession & Your College Plans

College & the Recession America’s economic recession is affecting everyone, even students. A survey released by Longmire & Company, an educational consulting firm, reported that the recession is forcing more than 70 percent of prospective students to change their college plans. Based on the survey results, 53 percent of students were considering attending a less expensive college, and 47 percent were planning to get a job as freshmen. Incoming students also are likely to seek financial aid counseling (43 percent) and to borrow more money (38 percent).

Despite the gloomy statistics, there is still hope for you to conquer these short-term obstacles. You possess unique talents and skills that can open doors to numerous opportunities, including scholarships and internships. Here are a few tips to help you stay afloat during these hard times: Continue Reading…


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