Whacky Scholarships in Honor of Halloween

Search for Scholarships on Halloween I love this time of year; the weather gets cooler, the leaves change color and there’s a feeling of fun in the air. It’s also the time of the year when everyone gets to be a kid again. Some people dress up, play pranks and act just plain silly. Halloween allows others to channel their inner ghouls and goblins, and for a while, lets them believe that magic does exist. For some, this feeling remains throughout the year. So, in honor of Halloween, let’s look at a few whacky scholarships that reward those who keep the spirit of Halloween alive year-round.

Are you a fan of Star Trek? Planning to go to this year’s Halloween party as Spock, Captain Kirk or a Klingon? Well, if you live and breathe all things related to Star Trek, you may just win a scholarship for college too! The Kor Memorial Scholarship provides a $500 award to an international or U.S. undergraduate or graduate student that is completing a degree in language study (including Klingon).  Continue Reading…

Little Awards = Big Rewards!

Remember your P.E. class from grade school? You’re standing in line, waiting to be picked for the team, and what does the captain do? He or she picks the bigger students because it is presumed they will perform better or have more to offer. The same presumption often occurs with scholarship searches: the larger awards get all the attention, while the ‘little guys’ may see only a few dozen applications.

This assumption is a mistake many students also make when searching and applying for scholarships. While the smaller programs may only offer $100, $250 or $500 as an award, a scholarship-savvy student will realize that by winning several of these awards, the total amount can really add up. The other upside of smaller awards is that they are often disbursed directly to the student and not the college. This means you can use the funds for food, clothing, gas or whatever else you may need at college.

Here’s a sampling of some smaller awards available now: Continue Reading…

Does Education Really Matter?

Education Matters ScholarshipHow do you feel about the importance of getting a college education…does education really matter? If you have any thoughts on this topic, we’d love to hear them. You have until October 31 to submit your application for the $3,000 Education Matters Scholarship. U.S. students of all ages (13 years and up) are invited to apply. The online application form is easy to complete, and you just have to respond in 250 words or less to the scholarship question: “What would you say to someone who thinks education doesn’t matter, or that college is a waste of time and money?”

Take a few minutes to craft your original response to the scholarship question, and apply before the scholarship deadline. You can’t win if you don’t apply, so apply today! Good luck!

Eco-Friendly Students May Earn Some ‘Green’ for College

Engergy Awareness Month: Royd Moor Wind FarmJust about everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everywhere you look, you see pink: grocery stores, clothing retailers and even the National Football League.  But, did you realize that October is also a ‘green’ month? It’s true! October is Energy Awareness Month, a time to look at alternative methods to creating and using energy resources on our planet and in our daily lives.

Most students have probably had the opportunity to participate in some form of recycling or ‘green’ campaign at school. You may have even started to ‘go green’ at home: reducing energy consumption, wasting less water and recycling your trash. If you are concerned about the effects of global warming and the depletion of our natural resources, you may be excited to learn that many companies and organizations are ready to reward you for your commitment to the environment and your community. Take a look at some programs that reward students for ‘going green’ by putting a little extra green in your pockets for college. Continue Reading…

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