Love and Other Scholarships

 Valentine's Day Scholarships Every February, the world appears to turn red and pink. Anything and everything is made into the shape of a heart, and the words “I love you” are imprinted on our brains; there’s definitely nothing subtle in the messaging around this holiday.

Even in the world of scholarships, you can’t escape Valentine’s Day. Just take a look at the Valentine’s Day scholarships our team of researchers turned up when we decided to investigate this holiday.
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What You Should Know About Renewable Scholarships

Keys to Renewable Scholarships In the world of scholarships, ‘renewable’ is the golden key. Why? It’s simple — a renewable scholarship is money in the bank. Unlike a non-renewable scholarship, these awards provide funding over multiple years; that’s music to any student’s ears. Unfortunately, many students fail to read the ‘fine print’ on their scholarship award packages and find themselves in a quandary when their financial aid is stripped away. Most renewable scholarships come with stipulations and guidelines that must be followed to continue to receive funding; one simple mistake can lead to a zero balance in your student account. To ensure you receive the full amount of your financial aid award, be sure to follow these simple rules.

Adhere to Deadlines
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Celebrating National Freedom Day With Scholarships!

Abraham Lincoln Each year, America recognizes February 1st as National Freedom Day. We honor Abraham Lincoln who signed a joint resolution in 1865 that proposed the 13th amendment to the United States Constitution, effectively outlawing slavery. The first commemoration of this historic moment took place in 1942, but National Freedom Day wasn’t formally, nationally recognized until President Harry Truman signed a bill to do so in 1948. While most Americans celebrate the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day, it’s unusual to find many people holding celebrations in honor of National Freedom Day – unless you look to academic communities.
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