Scholarships for Graduate Students

Graduate ScholarshipsIt seems as thought there are many scholarships available for those seeking undergraduate degrees. This is wonderful for people who wish to get bachelor’s degrees and then enter the workforce, but what about students who want to pursue advanced degrees? Not only are the credit hour fees typically much higher for graduate-level courses, but it often seems like the opportunities for graduate scholarships are all but impossible to find. Finding a way to pay for graduate school can be very discouraging for those who cannot afford to take out additional student loans, and may even cause some students to think twice about pursuing master or doctoral degrees. But students shouldn’t give up hope quite yet. I’ve done a little research and found the following programs which can be used for graduate school and the pursuit of advanced degrees.

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Celebrate Earth Day With Scholarships!

Happy Earth Day! On April 22, more than 1 billion people across the globe will celebrate Earth Day, as over 192 countries host awareness events that promote everything from recycling to alternative energy sources. You, too, can do your part. Plant a tree, start a recycling program or replace the light bulbs in your home. It is said that if every home swapped just one incandescent bulb with an LED or a CFL, it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an amount that is equivalent to the emissions from 800,000 cars; that’s pretty impressive and yet so simple to do. Many students are passionate about making changes to help protect the Earth, and several companies are eager to help them by providing scholarship opportunities for those who seek a ‘greener’ life. If you consider yourself an environmentalist or an Earth warrior, check out the scholarship opportunities just waiting for you. Continue Reading…

What Would You Do With $3,000?

Cha-Ching! If you won $3,000, what would you buy? Would you head over to McDonald’s and purchase more than 1,000 Big Mac’s, or would you go on a shopping spree for clothes? Maybe, you’d go on a cruise or head over to Disney World for some fun. Personally, I would use it to help pay for school.

I’m sure this will come as no surprise, but a college education can unlock the door to a better life. Having a college degree can give you access to fantastic opportunities, such as expanded career choices, alumni networking, discounts on insurance and more. Especially in today’s economy, it is important to have as many skills as possible. But, as we all know, earning a college degree can get expensive. Even if you do qualify for federal financial aid, you may still find yourself coming up short on cash when it comes to paying for college. Continue Reading…


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