August Scholarship Countdown

August Scholarships August is always filled with a flurry of excitement, as we try to squeeze out every last drop of summer fun before saying farewell to sleeping in late and hanging out with our friends. Over the next few weeks, students everywhere will begin the process of going back to school; college students will be heading to campuses, while high school students will start shopping for new clothes and supplies. It’s easy to forget about your college planning tasks with all the excitement of back-to-school preparations, but you should still pencil out some time in your busy calendar to apply for scholarships. Whether you’re a traditional student or an adult learner, make sure these August scholarships are on your to-do list! Continue Reading…

Your Next Scoop of Ice Cream Could be Worth $1,000!

Ice Cream Scholarship As we slip into the dog days of summer, when you can literally see the steam rising from the street after an afternoon shower, my mind can’t help but wander. I can still remember playing in the sprinklers on a hot summer day as a child, listening for the music of the neighborhood ice cream truck and running after it for my favorite treat. While my days of chasing the Good Humor man may be over, my love of ice cream still remains. That’s why I love July, otherwise known as National Ice Cream Month. This is a great time for you to indulge in your sweet tooth and sample the vast array of flavors available for any discerning palette. Personally, I cannot resist a waffle cone filled with Bruster’s Mint Chocolate Chip. Those tiny boulders of chocolate heaven mixed into a sea of minty dreaminess still make me feel like a child on a hot summer’s day.
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A Slacker’s Guide to Scholarships

Easy Scholarships Are your parents on your case about finding free money for college? Do you dread the thought of spending hours filling out applications and writing essays? If you are like many students who have put off applying for scholarships until the last minute, fear not:  there’s hope for you yet. The good news is that not every scholarship program requires you to submit a 1,000-word essay to win an award. In fact, there are several fun and easy programs that are perfect for even the most reluctant scholarship hunters. The catch is that there may be several thousands of other procrastinators applying with you, but if you have the luck of the Irish on your side, you may still cash in on some free college money! Check out these quick and easy scholarships… Continue Reading…

Total Strangers Helping Students Pay for College

Crowd Funding If you are getting ready to go to college soon, you know the routine; submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), complete financial aid applications from your prospective schools, and search everywhere for free money for college. In the past, ‘free money’ usually implied searching for scholarships, but not anymore. Today’s college students are reaching out to complete strangers through the use of crowd funding to help cover everything from tuition to study abroad trips.

While the majority of crowd funding sites originated with the idea of helping charities or people in severe need (life-threatening illness or devastation from a natural disaster), many are now seeing an increase in campaigns specifically designed to help students pay for college. The premise is simple; tell your story and get people to donate.  Continue Reading…

What’s Your Scholarship Strategy?

Search for Scholarships If you go on Facebook or Twitter, you’re bound to see plenty of posts by discouraged students who are desperately searching for last-minute financial aid help. Many are now realizing that their high school guidance counselors and parents were right; applying for scholarships in high school should have been a priority, not an afterthought. These ‘last ditch effort’ students clearly did not have a scholarship strategy and are now faced with the tough decision of taking out student loans or walking away from their dream school. It’s very important that you have a scholarship plan in high school, but which is best? Let’s take a look at how some scholarship strategies score on our grading scale. Continue Reading…


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