September Scholarship Countdown

September Scholarships Can you believe the new school year has already started? September is always a very busy time of year for students; they are learning new class schedules, getting back in the habit of doing homework (yuck!) and finding time to work on college planning tasks. Some students also have the added pressure of taking college entrance exams and completing college applications. Yikes! It’s enough to make anyone feel a bit overwhelmed. But never fear… is here to help lighten your load! If you can’t find the time to search for scholarships this month, be sure to check out our list of scholarships with upcoming September deadlines. Continue Reading…

Students Can ‘Strike’ it Rich With Bowling Scholarships

Bowling Scholarships When most people think about sports scholarships, they probably think about football, basketball, or baseball. Although it is more common for colleges to provide financial aid to athletes who participate in these sports, there are several colleges and organizations that provide awards for a different type of athlete. I’m talking about students who have spent their lives chasing the elusive ‘perfect game’ and those who can get a ‘turkey’ or a ‘hambone’ on a consistent basis. You won’t find these athletes in the pool or on a court; they prefer to challenge themselves indoors, avoiding goal posts at all costs. Who are these atypical athletes? They’re bowlers! It may come as a surprise, but students who participate in sanctioned bowling leagues have access to several athletic scholarships, especially those who are skilled at the sport. Here are just a few of the many college scholarships available to bowlers.
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Mortifying Moments That Make Me Laugh

Funny Moments I can still hear the entire high school student body roaring with laughter. They pointed and laughed while I darted across the gymnasium floor looking for a safe haven to hide. Everything had been going so well up to that point. Lisa and I had spent hours working on our mummy costumes for the senior homecoming skit. We had our head masks on and our bodies were completely wrapped in bandages. As the Bangles song ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ played, we danced across the gymnasium floor. Then, it started to feel a bit drafty. Before I knew it, all the bandages had fallen to the floor. I was left standing there in my underwear and a mask! This was one of those moments when your mother’s voice pops into your head, and you can hear her saying, ‘Honey, be sure to wear clean underwear.’ Thank goodness I had listened to her. To this day, my friends still refer to me as the student most likely to lose her clothes. I can laugh about it now, but I was mortified at the time.
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Score a Hole-in-One With Golf Scholarships!

Golf Scholarships August is National Golf Month, but if you are a true golfer, you know every month is golf month in Florida; with over 1,051 courses to choose from, you’ll never have any trouble getting a tee time in the Sunshine State. It is estimated that 25.7 million people over the age of six played golf in the United States in 2011, spending more than $75 billion on equipment and other fees. And thanks to golfers like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, it’s becoming even more popular among younger children. Students no longer have to play football or basketball to score free money for college. Many organizations now offer scholarships for those who enjoy spending their time on the green. Some might say that golf is much easier than football or basketball, but consider this – the chances of making a hole-in-one twice in a round of golf are 1 in 67 million. That’s pretty amazing. Thank goodness your chances for scoring a golf scholarship are much better.
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Scholarships for Students with Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Transitioning from high school to college can be overwhelming for any student, but a student with a learning disability may find it even more difficult.  In high school, a student may have received an Individualized Education Program (IEP), but college presents a new set of challenges. First, the student must decide whether to disclose his/her learning disability. Although some students may find it helpful to include this information in their college admission essay (explaining why some grades or test scores may not be up to par), others may choose to keep the matter private. If the student finds he/she may need some assistance on campus, such as a tutor or special accommodations in the classroom, the college may require documentation to support the student’s disability claim before providing the requested services. This may be anything from a physician’s letter to a formal psychiatric evaluation. It is also a good idea for students to review the Americans with Disabilities Act to know what rights they have to services and accommodations under the law. In addition, the National Center for Learning Disabilities provides many resources to help students and their parents navigate the transition from high school to college.
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