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In a few weeks, high school students will be heading back to school!  For seniors, working on college applications will become a top priority. Students may feel bombarded with advice about how to write a college admission essay, how to decide on a college major, and where to find free money for college. For the most part, things haven’t changed too much; students can still find available scholarships and financial aid through the traditional resources, such as their guidance counselor, parent’s employers, and free online scholarship search tools. But there’s a new kid on the block who’s making a lot of noise in the world of college financial aid – Pinterest! The website that is best known for great recipes and do-it-yourself projects now offers a fun and easy way to find free money for college.
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Scholarships: How to Know If They Are Legit

Legitimate Scholarships Looking for scholarships has never been easier. Gone are the days of sifting through huge scholarship books and directories, trying to determine which scholarships are perfect for you. You can now access free online scholarship search services to help you quickly find scholarship programs and easily apply for them. Even with the help of these free tools, you may still spend many hours preparing scholarship applications and writing essays. And it can be annoying to spend valuable time submitting an application, only to find out the scholarship program is a scam. So, how can you tell if a scholarship program is legitimate? Follow these simple steps to ensure you don’t waste your time and energy applying to bogus scholarship contests. Continue Reading…

Start Clowning Around With Scholarships!

Clowning Around Did you know that the first week of August is National Clown Week? If you have coulrophobia (a fear of clowns), that probably isn’t welcome news. Nobody knows how many people suffer from coulrophobia, but a quick search on the Internet pulls up over 355,000 links to articles and mentions of this phobia. The term ‘clown’ actually refers to someone who is a klutz or always tripping over his/her own feet – not very scary, right? But throw on a colorful costume, some heavy face paint and a red nose, people lose their minds! Love them or hate them, clowns seem to be everywhere, so to celebrate National Clown Week (no creepy pictures – we promise!), we’ve compiled a few clever scholarships that celebrate clowns and their original intention of making people smile and laugh! Continue Reading…

10 Scholarships for Teens

Teen Scholarships There’s a college myth that has been floating around for years – scholarships are only for high school seniors or older. Wrong! If you were one of the students who bought into this myth, you know the frustration and stress associated with finding free money for college in just a few short months. There’s nothing worse than trying to cram in a bunch of scholarship essays on top of applying to colleges, taking college entrance exams, and trying to maintain your grade point average. It’s enough to make anyone throw up their hands and give up.

In fact, savvy high school counselors and college prep advisers know that your college scholarship search should start the moment you enter high school, if not sooner.  Continue Reading…


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