Financing the American Dream: Resources for International Students

Scholarships for International StudentsAccording to a recent article in U.S. News and World Report, over 350 colleges provided financial aid to at least 50 students on their campuses last year. Among the top five colleges, which included Harvard University and Yale University, international students averaged financial aid award packages totaling more than $50,000 each. Even with those generous amounts, many international students still find it difficult to secure financial aid to help fund their studies. Unlike American students, who have access to federal student aid, most international students are limited to scholarships and/or private student loans, but finding these resources can take some work. If you are an international student, who is planning to enroll in a U.S. school, check out these websites for advice on applying to college and finding available financial aid. Continue Reading…

3 Reasons Why I Deserve a Scholarship

Apply for ScholarshipsHave you ever applied to a scholarship and were absolutely sure you would win? Let me give you some advice; don’t count your chickens before they hatch! Sure, when I first started applying for scholarships, I was a bit cocky and secretively thought people would start throwing money my way because of my grades and obvious talent, but that’s not quite how it panned out. In fact, I applied to 25 scholarships before I ever won my first award. What was I doing wrong? As it turns out, nothing; you just have to understand that many scholarship programs are subjective, especially those that include an essay. Continue Reading…

That Which Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger!

Special ScholarshipsMany of you may have experienced struggles in your lives. You may have lost a parent (or both) far too soon or battled a life-threatening illness. Maybe you struggled with learning disabilities that made it difficult to succeed in school or have had family issues that are too painful to even mention. These obstacles can either break you or make you stronger. Personally, I believe our struggles help build character and allow us to face new obstacles with resolve. If you have dealt with some serious issues in your life, you might be surprised to find that your ability to face those obstacles may lead to free money for college. There are several organizations that recognize and reward students who have struggled to succeed. Regardless of your past, your future could look a whole lot brighter with the help of one of these scholarship programs. Continue Reading…

Go to College Without Going Broke

College Tuition TipsAs student loan debt continues to climb, and more students face the challenge of paying for their degrees, our country’s leaders continue to look for creative programs to help more students gain access to college. In Florida, for example, Governor Rick Scott issued a challenge to the state’s college administrators to lower the cost of a bachelor’s degree to under $10,000 over four years. Although only a handful of colleges accepted the challenge, at least it’s a start. Unfortunately, students may not see any dramatic decreases in tuition anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other resources that can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, a student’s overall college debt. For those who want to attend college without going broke, these programs may just fit the bill. Continue Reading…


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