Introducing ‘Shark Tank’ for Scholarships!

Shark TankI am a huge fan of the ABC television show Shark Tank. Each week, I tune in to see what new invention will send Mark Cuban, Mr. Wonderful, and the rest of the millionaires into a feeding frenzy. It’s quite entertaining to see the presenters squirm and stammer, as they try to convince everyone to invest. Although many walk away empty-handed, the exposure alone can help save their product from being shelved, so the stress is definitely worth it. In the past, I have actually tinkered with a few ideas myself.  Two of my ideas include stackable cribs for daycare centers (my husband said they looked like mini-prison cells) and a game that uses professional athlete’s jersey numbers to help teach children simple math problems (What do you get if you add Joe Flacco and Peyton Manning?), but I never did anything with them. Still, I hold out hope that something will give me inspiration and earn me enough money to retire. Continue Reading…

College Scholarships for Animal Lovers

Scholarships for Animal LoversAs a teenager, I often turned to my cats for comfort and advice. Although they never spoke to me in the human sense, they did provide a patient ear when I needed to vent. My two favorite friends, Sebastian and Casper, were always there when I needed some warmth and unconditional love. Later, I welcomed my faithful companion Reba, an Akita, to the family. She was a fierce guardian, but shared my disdain for thunderstorms, which would send her shivering under my bed covers. I have so many wonderful memories from each of my furry friends, and although they are no longer on this Earth, they will forever hold a place in my heart. Continue Reading…

February Scholarship Countdown

February ScholarshipsFebruary has always been one of my favorite months; I get to celebrate my birthday, wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day all in the same week, which means tons of presents and dinner out. It’s also the month when my favorite candy, conversation hearts, is available. Those sweet treats are so addicting, I’m just thankful that they aren’t available year-round. Although these things are cause enough for celebration, there’s another reason why I love February…Scholarships! Whether you are a high school student, college student, or currently working on your graduate degree, you can find a plethora of scholarship opportunities that are expiring this month. Don’t believe me? Check out these February scholarships that are due to expire soon. Continue Reading…


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