Law Scholarships

10 Scholarships for Legal Eagles

The average public law school student graduates with over $75,000 in student loan debt, which pales in comparison to the nearly $125,000 a private law school student accumulates. That’s quite a large sum to deal with, especially when starting salaries for law students have dropped in recent years. With less than 50 percent of graduates finding work with law firms, it can be struggle to repay loans, let alone make enough to cover their typical living expenses. One way to avoid graduating with enormous debt is to find scholarships that will help defray the cost of a law degree. Many law firms and legal journals offer generous awards to help reduce the costs associated with law school. Here are 10 scholarships that future legal eagles can apply for right now.

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Military Family Financial Aid

Financial Aid Resources for Military Families

It takes a great amount of dedication and willpower to keep a military family intact. The constant uncertainty and long periods of separation require an enormous amount of trust between spouses, and those left behind must find a way to keep things together, although they are falling apart on the inside. How would I know? I was married to a U.S. Marine for 12 years.

Unlike a regular day job, our military members put their lives on the line every day; even when they are stationed at home, a simple training exercise can have serious consequences. They spend months separated from their families, relying on letters, email and an occasional phone call to keep them together. They give everything to ensure we are all safe from harm and receive very little in return. For those who are not officers, it can be a struggle to make ends meet, let alone save any money for college. Fortunately, there are some resources specifically designated to help veterans, active duty members and their families. Here are just some of the many scholarships and tuition assistance programs available to those who have served our country.

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Fourth of July Scholarships

Celebrate July 4th With Scholarships!

What does Independence Day mean to you? For many people, it’s another patriotic holiday that deserves our respect; a time to reflect on the struggles of our great nation, but also a time to celebrate all that we have accomplished in 237 years. One of the ways we love to show our pride is through social gatherings, big and small. As a child, I remember traveling to Michigan for our annual family picnic. All my aunts, uncles and cousins would be there, and everyone would bring their favorite foods. Grandpa was always in charge of the grill, making sure everything was cooked to perfection. Grandma’s task was to bake the best pies on the planet, and she never disappointed us. I would spend hours playing with sparklers, pulling pranks on my sister, and devouring all the tasty treats!

Now that I am older, I still enjoy hosting a barbecue with my own family every Fourth of July. The menu typically stays the same, with just a few variations, because my kids would pitch a fit if I left anything out. It’s funny, but when I was putting together my shopping list last week, I couldn’t help but notice how many items in my cart were tied to actual scholarship programs. Don’t believe me? Check out these star-spangled scholarships that somehow managed to appear on my holiday menu.

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Scholarship Essay Flaws

3 Fatal Flaws That Will Ruin Your Scholarship Essay

I have had the privilege to sit on several scholarship committees over the years, but lately it seems as though fewer students are actually reading the guidelines before they submit their applications. I don’t know if they believe that the winners are chosen at random or that no one is actually reading the essays, but after reviewing a recent stack of submissions, I’ve come to the conclusion that many students are simply too lazy to follow directions. Just like most things in life, scholarships come with rules. I know most students abhor them, but scholarship providers don’t simply give away money because students ask nicely for it; providers want to know that the investment they are making is a good one and that’s where scholarship guidelines play a part. If students are unwilling to spend the time needed to review the rules and submit a quality essay, they probably won’t be willing to go above and beyond in college, either. Although that may not be the case for all students, it’s the rationale used by many providers to weed out possible contenders. In general, three fatal flaws that continue to keep most students from reaching the coveted finalists pool.

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