Career Planning

How do you choose the right career path? It’s an important step in the college planning process that involves more than just declaring a college major. You will need to consider the cost of your college degree, your earning potential, and what options you may have for paying off student loan debt after graduation. Depending on your chosen field, there may even be scholarship opportunities and loan forgiveness programs that can help reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Learn where to find these money saving programs, and which college majors may give you the best return on your investment, as we take a look at some of the more popular career choices.

physician assistant scholarships

Scholarship Resources for Future Physician Assistants

Have you ever scheduled a visit with a physician assistant when you were sick or injured? If you’ve never used one before, you could be missing out. These nationally certified and state-licensed medical professionals can handle many of the same tasks your regular doctor would perform, including: diagnosing your illness, ordering tests, and prescribing medications. In many cases, it’s also easier to get an appointment with one, and it’s typically cheaper, too. For students, the choice to become a physician assistant means less time in school (approximately 26 months), but it can still be a costly degree path. Most programs require several years of training and experience, as well as clinical rotations (2,000 hours or more). Thankfully, there are several financial aid resources for those who are considering this career choice.

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photography scholarships

Grab Your Camera and Earn Some College Cash!

Do you dream of becoming a National Geographic photographer? Maybe you envision yourself running along the sidelines of an NFL game or sitting courtside during the NBA finals? If so, I have some good news for you. Your constant need to take photographs could earn you some college cash. Heck, even if your current portfolio only includes some random selfies and shots of your most recent meals, you could still earn money to help cover your college expenses. There are hundreds of photo contests and various photography scholarships that could earn you free money in a snap, literally! Sometimes, getting that perfect shot takes time and patience, but many times it’s just about being in the right place at the right time. I learned that a few years ago when I happened to snap a celebrity at a local hangout. That one unplanned photo earned me enough money to take my family on a seven-day cruise! Now, I never go anywhere without my smartphone or camera in tow. If you’re a shutterbug, here are just a few of the ways you can earn some cash from your camera.

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Duck Scholarships

Don’t ‘Duck’ These Unusual Scholarships

Eighty year ago, Walt Disney created a stubborn, but lovable, character named Donald Duck. He has become so popular that June 9 has been declared Donald Duck Day. Personally, I never was a big fan. I always thought it was weird that he wore a shirt but refused to put on pants. What’s up with that? And don’t even get me started on his temper. The slightest little thing could set him off. But, that doesn’t mean I dislike all our feathered friends, real or animated. On the contrary, there are many things I love about those cute, waddling birds. One of which is scholarships. No, I’m not loony — there are several waterfowl and duck-themed programs just waiting to be plucked. Here are just a few unusual scholarships that are floating around the pond.

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Scholarships for Law Students

10 Summer Scholarships for Law Students

A recent report from the American Bar Association (ABA) found that 26.8 percent of law students from the class of 2013 were either unemployed or working in part-time jobs (non-professional) nine months after graduation. Why is that important? Well, for one, some of these students are amassing serious amounts of student loan debt. For example, graduates from the Florida Coastal School of Law carried an average debt of $150,360, but the median starting salary for most of them was only $45,000. A salary that low is going to make it difficult to cover monthly student loan payments. What’s even more alarming is that there are seven other law schools where the average student loan debt is even higher. One way future law students can help keep their expenses to a minimum is to consider enrolling at a law school that offers healthier financial aid packages. Another option is to research private scholarships for law students. There are many law firms and professional associations that offer future attorneys and other legal professionals the opportunity to earn free money for their college degree. In fact, here are 10 summer scholarships that are taking applications right now.

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World Health Day

Healthcare Scholarships in Celebration of World Health Day

World Health Day was first celebrated on April 7, 1950 to mark the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO). The organization, which is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, deals with international public health. Since its creation, the WHO has played a crucial role in eradicating smallpox and helping to reduce the spread of communicable diseases, such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. This year’s World Health Day initiative will focus on educating people on the prevention and control of vector-borne diseases. More than 50 percent of the world’s population is at risk from these illnesses, which are spread through bites from mosquitoes, flies, ticks, and other bugs. Doctors, nurses, pathologists, and others in the healthcare field are vital to keeping populations educated about these potential dangers and treating those who are affected by them. Unfortunately, pursuing a medical career can be quite expensive, and many students find themselves saddled with high student loan debt. There are, however, many scholarships available to help students reduce their costs. Here are just a few healthcare scholarships that are currently open.

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