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Don’t you wish that there was one simple recipe for creating the perfect college application? If only it was that easy. Every college has its own list of ingredients that make up the perfect college candidate, but there are some things you can do to ‘spice’ up your transcript and improve your chances of getting into the college of your choice. Check out our advice on everything from college admission essays to increasing your college entrance exam scores. Together, we’ll create a college application that will satisfy any recruiter’s appetite.


CSS PROFILE or FAFSA: Which Should You Use?

Now that most high school seniors have completed their college applications (or should be getting close to finishing them), it’s time for them to turn their focus on another important aspect of the college admissions process — financial aid. Most students are familiar with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but there’s another form that many may not even know exists. It’s called the CSS/ Financial Aid PROFILE®. And, depending on where students enroll, they may have to complete one or both forms.

Not sure which one is right for you? Head over to and check out its latest blog post, “4 Ways the CSS PROFILE Differs From the FAFSA.”

Five Mistakes to Avoid

5 College Application Mistakes to Avoid

As September draws to a close, you can almost feel the tension rising among high school seniors. You can see it in their tweets and not so subtle posts on Tumblr; the realization that college is around the corner has hit them smack in the face. Most were wise and starting preparing for this months ago, visiting colleges and narrowing down their lists to a reasonable stack of three to seven potential campuses, but many have just now started to take the process seriously. The next few months are critical, especially for those who plan to apply for either early action or early decision, but knowing ‘what NOT to do’ is often just as important as knowing what to do. If you are a senior and starting the college application process, take a look at these five common mistakes many students make when applying to colleges.

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college stress

Tips for Surviving the College Application Process

It’s only fitting that we celebrate Labor Day in September since most high school seniors will begin the ‘labor-intensive’ process of applying to colleges this month. Some may have been smart and started their college admission essays over the summer, but most will have put off any work until after the holiday. As seniors wave goodbye to those carefree summer days, they may begin to feel overwhelmed and a bit anxious about the next steps they’ll be taking toward their futures. Days that were once filled with Pretty Little Liars marathons will now be consumed with homework, scholarships and college planning tasks. Fortunately, seniors can take some steps to help reduce their stress and make the college application process a bit more manageable. By following these simple tips, some students may even find enough time to have a little fun, too.

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Tuition-Free Colleges

7 Colleges That Are Tuition Free!

According to a recent article in USA Today, nearly fifty percent of parents are limiting their child’s college choices because of tuition costs and other college-related expenses. Students are also taking a closer look at sticker prices and weighing their options since many are now left paying the bill. In fact, the cost of tuition is one of the main reasons students are opting not to enroll at their first choice schools, even after they have been accepted. Thankfully, some options still exist for those who still want to get an education, but may not have the financial means to attend a traditional school. Here are seven colleges that offer students the ability to earn degree without the tuition fee.

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Free College Applications

How to Apply to College for Free!

Many students and parents forget to factor in application costs when planning for college. With the average college application fee ranging between $25 and $50, students can easily expect to spend over $250 before they even get accepted to a school. Those who plan to apply to Ivy League colleges or other prestigious schools, such as Stanford University ($90) or Harvard College ($75), may spend even more. For some families, these fees can create a financial barrier, leaving them with the tough decision of removing potential colleges from their list. Thankfully, there are some ways that students can reduce or even eliminate the application fees when applying to colleges this fall.

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