Scholarship and College Search Widgets brought to you by WiseChoice Brands LLC and its parent site have teamed up on a project designed to add more value and functionality to our websites, and to enhance our audience’s experience with our brand.

The first in a series of additions to be rolled out into production are our Scholarship Search, Scholarship Score, and College Search Widgets. The Scholarship Search Widget is like ScholarshipExperts.comLite.  This tool prompts you to answer 7 questions, specific to location and academics, and then gives you scholarships you may be eligible for, based on how you answered those 7 questions. Go ahead and give it a try.

The next widget, the Scholarship Score Widget, is designed to collect some basic information and give you a score based on the number of scholarships in our database that you may be eligible for. Test it out to see how you rank among your peers.

Last, but certainly not least, is the College Search Widget, modeled and branded from our parent site If you are looking for information on specific colleges or maybe wondering what college is the right choice for you, this little widget can help. Use the College Search Widget to explore colleges now.

To select and customize a widget for your own website, please visit our widget selection page on and then come back here to tell us what you think in the comment box below!




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2 Responses to “Scholarship and College Search Widgets brought to you by WiseChoice Brands LLC”
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  2. Arhamad says:

    I like your widgets! I will get one a post it on mys website today! Thank you experts


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