Textbooks or eBooks?

ebooks for college Technology has changed the the way we live, work, and play. So, there is no surprise that so many students ask the question: Should I use textbooks or ebooks in college? You will be happy to know that there isn’t any right or wrong answer. It’s totally your preference of whether you use textbooks or ebooks. Below is a list of pros and cons to help you decide.


– Readily available. Millions of textbooks exist. Therefore, you can easily access them at a bookstore or at Amazon.com.

– Simply turn the page for knowledge. When a professor wants information from a particular chapter, you can easily use the table of contents or index to locate the data.


– Let there be light! You will need a light source to read a textbook.

– Paper books are heavy! Just imagine carrying three or four of them around all day.



– Cheaper prices. Usually, ebooks are less expensive than paper books. Ebooks can help your bank account.

-Note-taking made easy. With an ebook, you can quickly reference material. Plus, your notes do not have to be permanent.


– Eye strain problems. Looking at a computer screen may impact your health. Be mindful of how long you read ebooks.

– Not all titles are available. Every college book has not been converted to an electronic format.

No matter whether you choose textbooks or ebooks, be sure to grasp the material you are reading. Also, maintain a great grade point average so that you can apply for scholarships.

So, what did you choose: textbooks or ebooks? Why? We want to know! Leave us a comment.

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One Response to “Textbooks or eBooks?”
  1. Naturally, I chose ebooks. Amazon has announced that they intend to cut the costs of buying textbooks by 80% through their Kindle textbook rental program.

    With the Kindle constantly going through price reductions, I think we will see a less-than-slow shift away from hardcopy books. Many colleges now offer iPads and other electronic reading alternatives. And many college students say they hate having to buy textbooks.

    It’s only a matter of time…

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