How to Cut College Costs

College costs are skyrocketing. From tuition to books to room and board, earning a degree at an accredited university can become a heavy burden on your pocketbook. Despite these expenses, you have options that will help cut your college costs.

According to a LiveScience article, experts say a university education is still worth the cost, regardless of soaring college expenses.  Sandy Baum, an independent higher education policy analyst, states, “On average, the rate of return is very high, and it is continuing to rise over time.”

Saving every dime for your college education can dramatically help achieve your educational goals. Below are some helpful ways to cut your college costs. 

1. Attend a State College

Public institutions are subsidized by state revenues. Therefore, state colleges have lower tuition costs than private institutions. When you’re selecting colleges, make sure you consider state schools.

2. Graduate in Three Years

At some colleges, students have the option of participating in a combined degree program or a three-year program. Instead of spending more money for an extra year of college, try to enroll in a program that will allow you to take all of the necessary courses in three years. If you are ready for a heavier courseload, you will eliminate a year’s worth of educational expenses.

3. Enroll in a Community College

Tuition costs are also lower at community colleges. If you’re undecided about what you would like to study, enroll in a community college at a cheaper price and then transfer the credits to a four-year institution. This way, you can explore your choices and save money.

4. Apply for Scholarships

Earning free money for college is always a great way to reduce your college costs. By writing essays and submitting resumes, you will be well on your way to cutting your tuition in half. Don’t wait any longer. Apply for scholarships today!

So, how are you cutting college costs? Let us know! Leave a comment below.

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2 Responses to “How to Cut College Costs”
  1. Really it’s a nice idea shared to reduce the educational fees and get the degree also. I liked the suggestion of going 3 yrs degree course and cover all the course and even paying less amount for the same degree.

  2. Good Points. Many of my high school students go to community college to save money. They transfer to state schools and in many cases they live at home to minimize costs.


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