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Scholarships for Average White Males & Everyone Else!

At least once a day, I see some tweet from a guy about how he can’t find any scholarships for average white males. Apparently, he hasn’t been looking very hard because there are tons of opportunities out there. I think many guys simply make the mistake of not taking the time to read the eligibility requirements, otherwise they would realize that most programs are open to just about everyone, including the average Joe. I know it may seem as though many of the scholarships are targeting the top academic students or those from a minority backgrounds, but it’s just as easy to find awards that grant free money for artistic talent or even social media skills. Maybe, they should spend a little less time complaining and more time actually searching for scholarships. In fact, I’ll make it easy for them by listing a few scholarships they can start applying to now.


1. Chegg Monthly Scholarship

Forget about grades or anything else, this $1,000 monthly contest is awarded based solely on the short response (2-3 sentences) to the scholarship prompt. Students get a new chance to win every month, so there’s really no excuse for not taking a few minutes to try their luck. Deadline: Ongoing.

2. Scholarship

Current college students and recent graduates simply need to complete a short survey about their college experience to enter this $2,500 scholarship contest. Winners are selected based on a short response in the survey about what advice they would have given themselves in high school. Deadline: July 31.

White Guy Scholarships3. Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship

High school and college students may apply for this $1,000 scholarship. Students must submit a short essay (250 words or less) on the topic of their choice. Deadline: July 31.

4. Video Contest Scholarship

For those who prefer to express themselves in video, here’s a $3,000 scholarship. Students must also register for a free account with the website and complete their profile. Deadline: July 31.

5. Why My School Rocks Contest

Beginning July 30, students can submit their essay and video entries on one of the five topics listed. Applicants must be between the ages of 14 and 19. Three awards, valued between $300 and $800, will be offered. Deadline: October 22.

6. Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

Here’s a scholarship that’s sure to please any guy! Applicants must simply submit a short essay (250 words or less) explaining how they would survive a zombie apocalypse at their high school or college. Any U.S. student, 13 years or older, is eligible to apply. Deadline: October 31.

There are many ongoing scholarship contests, such as the ‘No Essay Scholarship‘ and ‘A GPA Isn’t Everything Scholarship,’ which are open to students regardless of their grades, economic status or ethnic background. Students should also look for creative contests (painting, music, writing, etc.) or other awards that may be suited to their specific talents or extracurricular activities. There really are plenty of scholarship opportunities for average students, they just need to take the initiative and start looking for them.

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Tamara is the Social Media Coordinator and a regular writer for, and She enjoys helping students prepare for college. As a mother of four, Tamara has first-hand experience with many areas of education, including special needs (autism), the International Baccalaureate program and post-secondary education. She enjoys speaking at schools and mentoring others online. In her free time, Tamara enjoys volunteering and supporting her favorite football team, the Jacksonville Jaguars.
34 Responses to “Scholarships for Average White Males & Everyone Else!”
  1. Trevor says:

    But are there scholarships specifically just for being white and male like there for other ethnicities?

    • Tamara Krause says:

      There was an organization that offered a scholarship specifically for average, white males (2011). It was called the Former Majority Association for Equality, but the website is no longer available and I have been unable to find any current information on their scholarship program.

      • Philip McCorkle says:

        That’s because the organization was started only to make a point about the absolute lack of male only or white only scholarships.

      • Philip McCorkle says:

        P.S. Your title is misleading. None of these are exclusive scholarships. In fact, I was brought here by a friend trying to prove that there ARE in fact white/male only scholarships…

        • Tamara Krause says:

          Actually, that’s the point to the title. Scholarships are for average, white males and everyone else. You should not focus on only those that target just your race or gender. The Former Majority Association for Equality did have a small scholarship for just white males, but they no longer offer the award.

          • nick says:

            then maybe others should stop offering scholarships based on race, gender, ethnic backgrounds, or religions! When someone offers a scholarship to help black people attend school they are a patriot. But when someone offers a scholarship to help average white males attend college they are branded as a racist and a shame to the American society. You can’t honestly tell me I’m wrong. You can’t ignore the facts.

      • Peter says:

        so no

  2. Thomas Meadows says:

    I’m a 51 year old caucasian male who earned a G.E.D. in 1978 and went through a 3 year apprenticeship in the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers Union. As I read through your list of available funding sources, one thing stood out:

    2. Scholarship – Current college students and recent graduates…
    3. Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship – High school and college students…
    4. Video Contest Scholarship – Students must also register…
    5. Why My School Rocks Contest – …students can submit… Applicants must be between the ages of 14 and 19.
    6. Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship – Any U.S. student…

    It’s been 30 years since I was in school, I broke my back and can’t do my work anymore, my parents are deceased and I’m not a home owner… Yet I can’t find a POOR WHITE BOY COLLEGE FUND that will help me at all… I can’t even qualify for a new business loan like HAVIV or JUAN or HOP SING because I’m the wrong ethnic background – poor, white trailer trash…

    • Tamara Krause says:

      You are eligible for the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship and other awards offered by (, as long as you are a U.S. citizen. Their awards can be used for any degree, even if it’s been 30 years since you went to school.I would also suggest meeting with a financial aid counselor at your local community college to see if there are any funding programs in your community that assist adult learners who have never earned a previous college degree. Your state vocational rehabilitation service office may also be able to provide financial assistance for training courses and programs through the local college. Don’t forget to register for a free account at, as well. You may be surprised to see how many scholarships are available to you.

  3. Ryan says:

    What is the probability of an average white male with average gpa actually receiving enough scholarship money to pay for school after loans? Many of these all seem to happen by chance and look like they’re no more than a lottery ticket disguised as a scholarship opportunity. However, it seems like it’s just not very likely that I will find the $4000 that I need for tuition, never mind the fact that I also have to pay for my wife and kids. I need an education to find work and I need work to make enough money to pay the difference in tuition/life costs that my loans/pell grants don’t cover. It is frustrating to try to do the right thing and try to finish school.

    • Tamara Krause says:

      The easier the scholarship is, the more students will apply. If you want to increase your chances of winning a scholarship, search for local programs, apply to scholarships with smaller award amounts ($500 or less) or those that require more work (higher word counts, multiple essays, etc.), as most students hate to write essays. It is possible to earn enough in scholarships to help cover the gap between federal aid and student loans, but it takes work and you may have to start at a community college (or look into a state college with cheaper tuition rates). It is difficult working while going to school, but not impossible. You just need to stay focused and keep plugging away. Believe in yourself and never stop chasing your dreams.

  4. jack says:

    Scholarship arawds are not at all fair to white men. There are only 6 scholarships listed on this page, and none of them are solely for white males. If you google search ‘scholarships for women’ or ‘scholarships for -insert minority here-‘, millions of relevant results come up. If you search ‘scholarships for white men’, there are far fewer results and far fewer relevant results.

    The problem is not that white men aren’t reading the requirements. Even with an exceptional GPA, Caucasian male applicants still have trouble sticking out from the crowd. A minority with the same GPA will get picked over him nearly every time.

    White men are held to a higher standard academically than other race and gender groups. Anyone who denies that is just not looking at the facts. Scholarships and college admission decisios should be made by merit, even if it decreases diversity on campuses.

    There are a lot of things wrong with the US educational system and scholarships are able to help a lot of people overcome problems with it. It would be nice to see them awarded fairly though.

    By the way I am a 21 year old Caucasian male college student on a full tuition scholarship for academics. I wasn’t able to go to my #1 school but there are still opportunities out there. Just not as many as there are for other people.

    • Tamara Krause says:

      One of the reasons white males seem to win fewer awards is because fewer white males are applying for scholarships. We have seen a distict trend that shows more women are applying to scholarships then men, in general. In addition, those who fall in the middle class are also at a disadvantage. More colleges are leaning toward need-based aid, which benefits those with incomes below $31,000. Those of us stuck in the middle must be resourceful and scout out private scholarships that are rewarded based on talents, skills or essays, where GPA and income are not considered. Although I am a woman and won over 15 scholarships in college, not one of them was specifically for women or any ethnic background. I focused my time on writing competitions and other creative scholarship contests where I knew there was an even playing field.

  5. Jake says:

    Interesting. But, according to the website, in the US, there are 18.9+ million non-Hispanic white people living beneath the poverty line, with Hispanics having the second highest total at just a smidge under 11.2 million. That’s about 7.7 million more white people living in poverty that any other race.
    So, although there are definitely more white people in the US who can afford to live an at least, semi-comfortable life than those who don’t, and definitely more white people who can afford that same lifestyle than any other racial group, and definitely more who were lucky enough to have the advantage of having been born to two working parents who were responsible, and saved for their children’s college, there are more white kids than any other racial group who weren’t born into that luxury.
    While you attempt to vilify or brand an incessant complainer, what often times can amount to an 18 or 19 year-old kid, fresh out of high school, without a penny to his or his parent(s) or guardian’s name, no inheritance in his future. Not a thing to show for his life but a diploma or high school equivalency certificate, just know that it comes off to some (although I’d guess, many) of the children and young adults of those 18+ million people as being completely ignorant to their reality and, although mistakenly, elitist.
    These are poor kids who can feel alienated, possibly to one of the highest degree. If not because they have people like you and the rest of ignorant white America, kicking them while they’re down, then because they see society making an active attempt, in this case in the form of specific scholarships, to help everybody but them back up.
    On a side note, the fact that you try to equate scholarships that are available to EVERYBODY, to a scholarship that is bias to a specific group make’s no sense.

    • Tamara Krause says:

      You might be surprised to learn that I was one of those who came from literally nothing. In fact, I have spend most of my life living paycheck to paycheck, even going without food or electricity at times. I am well aware of the poverty issue and the lack of resources to help students navigate the confusing college admissions process, especially the financial aid side of it. This article was directed at those who sit on their smartphones complaining on social media that there are no scholarships available to them. Many have never even applied to one and some are simply expecting a handout. The point was that average white male students should not limit themselves to trying to find scholarships targeted specifically to that demographic. They are eligible for many programs that are open to everyone else. It is true that many bright students are being left behind because they do not have the resources or support to help them move forward. Thankfully, there are charitable organizations that are reaching out to schools and working with these students to help them reach their full potential. I can see you are passionate about the topic and would encourage you to start a program in your area educating students about college and financial aid opportunities. Host a workshop or why not start your own scholarship program? Most people complain about the problems with our educational system, but few ever take an active role in changing it.

  6. nick says:

    just gonna say-“average white males don’t look hard enough.” that’s complete bullshit. you show me where there is a scholarship for a white, average 21 year old male, with average income, with an overall B or B- grade average, with average parents, who also have average income. I’m not poor. I’m not rich. I’m not a genius student, I’m not a student who needs special help to pass a class. And I’m not a minority. Show me a scholarship for a person like me and then I’ll agree with you. There have been so many organizations try to give scholarships just like these, but are shot down by the government for racial discrimination. Meanwhile I see scholarships handed out to people simply because they are Black, Native American, or Hispanic. Show me one for a person like me.

    • Tamara Krause says:

      Some colleges are actually starting to offer scholarships specifically for Caucasian students, such as the Minority Grant Program at Tennessee State University,, which provides grants to eligible Caucasian undergraduate students who have a 2.5 GPA on a 4 point scale and a 19 ACT score and are residents of Tennessee. Again, I would encourage you to think outside the box and not focus on programs based on gender or race. There are plenty of scholarship programs that don’t even consider your GPA, income, race or gender. offers a scholarship every month that is completely based on a short essay response. Of course, if you don’t apply, you can’t win.

  7. anthony says:

    How is this constituted as a white male scholarship? Anyone can submit an answer. I’m tired of being judged for the action of Americans when slavery was legal. Who said my ancestors were slave owners? Just because im white you assume. Why should a black, Asian, or Hispanic get a scholarship because of their race, when all I get are government loans.

  8. Nick says:

    Notice that this article was written by a feminist. I find it almost comical the current RACISM in scholarships. The white man is being held down for the past while minorities are getting free rides because of their skin color. White males who have higher grades with hire test scores and qualifications are denied. Average minorities receive scholarships purely on skin color alone. Almost pathetic. The writer is a feminist, she is extremely biased on the subject and believes that white males are overly “privileged” and “carefree.” To her, we have to work 100x above a female or a minority to have the same value. I’m so sick of this RACISM. White male HATE. She devalues us.

    She believes in EQUALITY for us all. Well please bring EQUALITY. Stop blaming white males for the lack of white male scholarships. Stop blaming us for not working hard enough.

  9. Kenny says:

    Dear Tamara,

    Wow! I find your post incredibly offensive to white men. How dare you reduce the issue to insanity and complaining. You say that we (white men) “should spend a little less time complaining” about the lack of equality, but complaining is precisely how equality is achieved in the first place. The point we are trying to make here is that there are countless scholarships based solely on gender and race, none of which are relevant to white men. You cannot ignore that fact. There is no equality in that fact. Why shouldn’t we complain? Equality cannot be achieved when one group is blatantly excluded. When something is offered to some and not to others, there is inequality. I attend a school where 31% of the undergrads and 25% of grad students are men, yet there are no university scholarships specifically for men despite this tremendous lack of diversity. Further, whites account for a total of approx. 46% of the student population, versus 48% minority, at my school. Yet, there are several scholarships offered to minority students. If these numbers were dissected further, we would see that white men fall into a minority group, as the number of white women skews the above figures. How is it supposed to make me feel when I am subject to being excluded from so many scholarships because, at the end of the day, I am a white man? Yeah sure, there are many other scholarships I can apply for based on merit and financial need, but the fact remains that, in the end, women and minorities are afforded more scholarship opportunities due to gender- and racially-biased scholarships. And that, is the main point I and, I believe, the other white men here are making.

  10. Kenny says:

    P.S. If I were to say “women and minorities need to stop complaining,” you better believe it would be deemed offensive and I’d be the “hot topic” of the day. You, Tamara, should really stop and think before you speak next time.

    • Tamara Krause says:

      You cannot ignore the fact the women and minorties still struggle to hold higher poitions in companies or even earn the same pay as white males in the same positions. Companies and organizations offer scholarships to underrepresented groups, such as LBGTQ, minorities, and women because they have traditionally had fewer opportunities than white males. Maybe one day we will realize Dr. King’s dream of everyone being treated as equals, and employers, as well as scholarship providers, will no longer need to consider gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation when choosing an applicant. Unfortunately, that day does not seem to be coming anytime soon.

      • Steve Barr says:

        Wow. . .so do millions of white males. And always have. Feminist own the public school system, lock, stock and barrel. Might I mention a miserably failing one as it insists on a blatant and discrimitive practice. This “tradition” against all males (including white ones)must end. White men truth be told either fight to the top or are exploited to death (literally). And to boot are expected . . .traditionally, to wade through a litany of artificially placed barriers (known as the LAW) else carry the title of – fill in the blank -.

  11. Lori Heiden says:

    Thank you for your web site information on where to start looking for help for college. I am starting the process of looking for scholarships and all the ones I have found so far discriminate against children that are causation.

    The web site definately discriminates with all it’s minorities ONLY criteria for scholarships.

    I am surprised there are not more lawsuits of discrimination filed. The scholarships on that site exclude certain members of society because of the color of their skin-it is reverse discrimination for my causation children. I definitely feel discrimination for myself too at the community college that I attend where I am in minority and everyone around me is getting a free or almost free education/books in Southern California.

    Everyone deserves an education, not just certain segments of society based on the color of their skin or nationality.

    • Lori Heiden says:

      spell check keeps changing words-it is caucasian

    • Tamara Krause says:

      It is not illegal to offer scholarships to a specific segment of society, such as women or LBGT students, as well as those designated to students of a specific ethnicity or race. As long as the scholarship is available to a broad segment of students, and not just created to benefit one student (such as making a program with a winner already in mind or one rewarding a family member), it is a legal and legitimate program. The reason why so many scholarships target minorities is that traditionally they have had fewer opportunities in education and the workplace. I know that there is a shift taking place in some states where white students are becoming the minorities on some campuses, but this has not been the case for the majority of our history. Any organization could create a scholarship program specific to white males, and there are actually some programs specifically for caucasian students, but many do not want to take on the public outcry that often accompanies launching a program of this nature. If the trend continues, I would not be surprised to see scholarships becoming either race-blind or more programs offering assistance to caucasian students.

  12. John says:

    I totally disagree with your article. It is misleading, completely sidestepping the point about how many caucasian students feel. There are scholarships for blacks, asians, hispanics, native americans, chinese americans… the list goes on and on then there are scholarships for just regular students. However the number of scholarships for Whites ONLY are slim to none. White people are now the focus of blind discrimination. So many scholarships that state, only for those of hispanic background, or students of color will be favored…Whites are now at a disadvantage because of discrimination.
    -You’ll probably disagree, but it’s just a thought.
    –Thanks for the Weekly scholarship from Zinch though!

    • Tamara Krause says:

      I understand the frustration white students feel, and that they may think that they have fewer opportunities, but I can tell you from personal experience that white students can find and win scholarships. I was able to win over 17 scholarships to fund my education (I received 26 rejections before winning my first award), and none were specific to women or any ethnicity. In addition to being a white, middle-class student, I also faced another disadvantage, I was over 30 when I returned to college. I focused on scholarships that matched my skills and talents, many of which were writing contests or scholarships with large essays, and kept at it until I finished college. The money is there, for everyone, students just have to be willing to put in the time and apply.

  13. Eryn says:

    I agree with previous comments that there are no (or too few) white-only scholarships, while there are infinite scholarships for Asian, Hispanic, Black, and other races. However, what angers me further is that when I signed up on scholarship service there was a list of traits for me to pick and choose from. Some of them were horrifying: “Recovering alcoholic”, “Drug addiction/recovery/conviction”, “Birth mother placed a child for adoption”, “Child of Illegal Immigrant”. Why does the convicted ex-junkie child of an illegal immigrant, whose birth mother gave a child up for adoption, deserve more scholarships than I do? Although I am a white female, not male, I still find it disgraceful that there are endless scholarships for everyone BUT my race. In fact, I never bother filling out the “race” section on a form, because I know that doing so would probably squash my chances of equal consideration.

  14. Elliot says:

    I am happy to be another white male who is totally offended by your gross comment that men make “insane comments” about how they cannot find scholarships dedicated to white males. You take great pride in boasting about your meager past and how well educated you are. I am glad you believe your comments because you seem to be in the minority on that issue. What the crux of the problem is, as multiple posts have attempted pointing out to you, is that there are numerous opportunities afforded to women and minorities based solely on the fact that they are either female or minority. There are no opportunities out there to help a white male simply because he is a white male. There are scholarships out there, as you listed, that are available for white males but those are also available to other demographics and not specific to white males.
    I also have to comment on your absolute incorrect post about women making less than their male counterparts. I had a very heated debate with a female friend about this issue. We both challenged each other to provide proof of what difference there is for men and women in regards to their salary. What we found out was a great revelation. The statistics that show women making $.77 to each dollar a man makes in the same field is an average. It does not take into consideration actual job duties but rather lumps everything together and averages it out. The $.77 figure is a weighted average of ALL female full time workers as compared to ALL male full time workers. What does this figure show? From an uneducated woman’s perspective (like your’s that you publicly posted)it assumes that all men and women have the same job requirements but that women are paid less. In actuality it reflects that more men are in CEO level and higher ranking positions (as reported by Forbes) and weigh much heavier on the earning side of males overall. In a head-to-head, same pay for the same work, men and women are generally paid the same. That is, of course, if you do not take into consideration female dominated careers like models. The top paid female model in 2012 made $43 million while the top paid male model made $1.4 million. The truth hurts sometimes, ladies. Facts prove the playing field is a level one yet you still manipulate statistics to try to make your point.
    In today’s day and age we would assume that things like equal opportunities exist for all people. Unfortunately that is still not the case. Women and minorities have a clear advantage on almost every front including education, job placement and even business start-up with grants and tax allowances.
    It is hard to argue with facts, isn’t it?

  15. Zach says:

    So, just because historically white males hasn’t “struggled” for equality for X number of years we can’t even complain? Isn’t that rather ignorant of the whole purpose equality?

    In reality you believe people have to be forced into inequality for x years until they deserve to be equal.

    Its not looking forward at all, so we go through our 100 years of inequality, then only white males have scholarships available, and the cycle repeats itself. Equality is never going to truly exist, not everyone can do the same amount of work.

    Look at a typical hiring requirement: a male employee is required to be able to lift 50 pounds, a female (no not all) can’t do that, but still gets the job and gets paid the same amount. In my case I make less than my female coworkers doing the exact same job, some have been there for longer than me, others have a degree… all of which is irrelevant when you have the exact same job (and half of them can’t lift 50 pounds).

    I don’t know, by all means lets continue the hypocrisy and continue to prove that history does repeat itself. We white males will figure out some way to survive perhaps.

  16. Steve Barr says:

    Personally I’m alive and live today. . .do you live in some past history? Truth is truth. My white male son is alive and lives today. Preferably we will live tomorrow. All I hear from you are excuses. Most every post is valid and your responses prove your feminist (indoctrinated (weak minded)) hatred.

  17. Steve Barr says:

    Somehow I thought EQUALITY WAS THE GOAL. How silly of me and you.


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