Spring Scholarships

May Showers Bring Scholarship Dollars!

Whether you are a high school student, graduating senior or a current college student, chances are the price of a college education is weighing heavily on your mind. We’ve all seen the headlines about rising tuition fees and the staggering amount of student loan debt that most students accumulate, so it’s easy to understand why it’s more important than ever to find (and win!) scholarships. Although many programs had deadlines earlier in the year, there are still plenty of others just waiting to be won. Now is a great time to weed out those programs that may be perfect for you and start planting some ‘scholarship seeds’ that will hopefully blossom over the next few months, rewarding you with free money this fall. If you are looking for some money for college, here are a few scholarships with May deadlines that could shower you with some well-deserved cash.

1. Ayn Rand – We The Living Essay Contest

Amount: $25 to $3,000 Number of Awards: 116 Deadline: May 6

Eligibility: High school students in grades 10 through 12

2. Samsung High School Student Scholarship Program

Amount: $1,000 Number of Awards: 5 Deadline: May 15

Eligibility: High school students

DICE Scholarship3. Ray Semko-The D*I*C*E* Man Scholarship

Amount: $1,000 Number of Awards: 1                 Deadline: May 15

Eligibility: Undergraduate students who are in a security field

4. New England Graphic Arts Scholarship

Amount: $2,500 Number of Awards: 10                Deadline: May 15

Eligibility: High school seniors and undergraduate students

5. Matters of Life and Death Scholarship Writing Contest

Amount: $250 to $1,000 Number of Awards: 3 Deadline: May 15

Eligibility: California high school juniors and seniors

6. Jane Austen Society of North America Essay Contest

Amount: $250 to $1,000 Number of Awards: 3 Deadline: May 15

Eligibility: High school students and older

7. National Collegiate Cancer Foundation Scholarship

Amount: $1,000 Number of Awards: Varies Deadline: May 15

Eligibility: Undergraduate/graduate students who are cancer survivors

8. Michael Greenberg Student Writing Competition

Amount: $1,000 Number of Awards: 1 Deadline: May 20

Eligibility: Current law students

Fifth Month Scholarship9. I’m First Scholarship

Amount: $2,000 Number of Awards: 10 Deadline: May 24

Eligibility: High school seniors who are first-generation college students

10. Fifth Month Scholarship

Amount: $1,500 Number of Awards: 1 Deadline: May 31

Eligibility: U.S. students who are 13 years or older

The school year may be ending soon, but that doesn’t mean you should stop searching for scholarships. Be sure to schedule time each month during the summer to work on applications and look for new programs. Register for a free account with several online scholarship search services and keep applying until you complete your degree. If you tend to your ‘scholarship garden’ on a regular basis, you’ll be more likely to reap the rewards year-round.

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Tamara is the Social Media Coordinator and a regular writer for ScholarshipExperts.com, eStudentLoan.com and CampusDiscovery.com. She enjoys helping students prepare for college. As a mother of four, Tamara has first-hand experience with many areas of education, including special needs (autism), the International Baccalaureate program and post-secondary education. She enjoys speaking at schools and mentoring others online. In her free time, Tamara enjoys volunteering and supporting her favorite football team, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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