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Superpower Scholarship

To Be a Superhero or Villain? That is the Question.

If you could be a superhero or a villain for one day, which would you choose? I have often asked myself this question. I think most people would choose to be a hero; there’s something noble about risking your life for another. For some, a hero is one of those larger than life figures we find in comic books or on television. Others see the everyday heroes who live among us, such as the police officer who finds a lost child or the firefighter who risks his life to save your cat from a burning building. The actual definition of a superhero is ‘someone who possesses extraordinary or superhuman powers,’ but that can describe just about anyone given the right circumstances.

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Introducing ‘Shark Tank’ for Scholarships!

Shark TankI am a huge fan of the ABC television show Shark Tank. Each week, I tune in to see what new invention will send Mark Cuban, Mr. Wonderful, and the rest of the millionaires into a feeding frenzy. It’s quite entertaining to see the presenters squirm and stammer, as they try to convince everyone to invest. Although many walk away empty-handed, the exposure alone can help save their product from being shelved, so the stress is definitely worth it. In the past, I have actually tinkered with a few ideas myself.  Two of my ideas include stackable cribs for daycare centers (my husband said they looked like mini-prison cells) and a game that uses professional athlete’s jersey numbers to help teach children simple math problems (What do you get if you add Joe Flacco and Peyton Manning?), but I never did anything with them. Still, I hold out hope that something will give me inspiration and earn me enough money to retire. Continue Reading…

Remembering MLK: ‘I Have a Dream’ Scholarship

Martin Luther King As a young student, I can remember sitting in my English class listening to a recording of Martin Luther King, Jr. delivering his famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. The conviction in his voice reverberated through my body, and I could almost feel what it must have been like to stand among 200,000 protesters, watching as he delivered those immortal words. There was no rally cry for violence, just a simple demand that America make good on a ‘bad check’ and uphold the Constitution’s promise that all men, whether black or white, have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What I did not know at the time was that the majority of that speech was created on the spot, inspired by a gospel singer named Mahalia Jackson. Continue Reading…

Win a Scholarship Just for Being Born!

Birthday ScholarshipWhen I tell you there are scholarships for just about everything, I’m not stretching the truth. Do you crochet or knit? There’s a scholarship for that! Think you could survive a zombie apocalypse? Yep, there’s a scholarship for that, too. You already know that students can win scholarships for academics and sports, but did you know that you could win free money for college just for being born? Continue Reading…

Featured Scholarship: The Horatio Alger Association Awards

Horatio Alger Scholarships The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc. was named after the 19th century author Horatio Alger, Jr., who captivated readers with tales of how he overcame adversity through perseverance and moral conviction. Association members believe that hard work, honesty and determination can conquer any obstacle. Through the organization’s scholarship program (one of the largest in the country), members encourage students to pursue their own version of the American Dream, as well as help students realize the importance of service to others. The members of the Horatio Alger Association also work directly with students to provide the support, education and confidence needed to attain their goals.

Each year, 104 students receive a $20,000 scholarship through the national program, and hundreds more receive assistance through the various state programs. Students must meet the following eligibility to be considered for either a state or national award:

♦ Must be a high school senior planning to graduate in the spring/summer of 2014
♦ Plan to enroll in college in the fall of 2014
♦ Must be pursuing a bachelor’s degree or higher
♦ Show critical financial need (family income of $50,000 or lower)
♦ Must be involved in community or co-curricular activities
♦ Demonstrate the ability to overcome adversity
♦ Must have a grade point average of 2.0 or higher
♦ Must be a U.S. citizen
♦ Must submit an application by October 25

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