Students Can ‘Strike’ it Rich With Bowling Scholarships

Bowling Scholarships When most people think about sports scholarships, they probably think about football, basketball, or baseball. Although it is more common for colleges to provide financial aid to athletes who participate in these sports, there are several colleges and organizations that provide awards for a different type of athlete. I’m talking about students who have spent their lives chasing the elusive ‘perfect game’ and those who can get a ‘turkey’ or a ‘hambone’ on a consistent basis. You won’t find these athletes in the pool or on a court; they prefer to challenge themselves indoors, avoiding goal posts at all costs. Who are these atypical athletes? They’re bowlers! It may come as a surprise, but students who participate in sanctioned bowling leagues have access to several athletic scholarships, especially those who are skilled at the sport. Here are just a few of the many college scholarships available to bowlers.
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Let’s Get Physical!

Sport Scholarships Did you know that over nine million American students between the ages of 6 and 19 are obese? That’s one statistic that needs to change. You can do your part by being active at school and at home. Get involved in activities, such as walking, biking or playing organized sports. Physical activity not only helps you control your weight, but also helps improve your mental health and mood. There can also be an additional benefit to participating in sports – scholarships! Most colleges offer an array of sports scholarships, with most going to football, basketball and baseball players. However, there are other scholarship opportunities available through private sponsors, such as: Continue Reading…


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