College Textbooks

College Textbooks: Beg, Borrow or Buy?

The one part of college I always disliked was buying my textbooks for the semester. For my pre-law classes, the prices were brutal and I had few opportunities to find a used version of the titles I needed. It didn’t take long for me to realize the insanity of buying new books from the campus bookstore; I would pay anywhere from $50 to nearly $300 a book, but never saw much of that money back at the end of the semester. The books were either not being used the next semester or they were being replaced with a new edition. Even when I did get something for them, it was barely enough to buy lunch. After two semesters of spending over $500 on books, I decided there had to be a better (and cheaper) method. With a little research, I soon found some reliable websites that allowed me to find the very best deals on my textbooks. Here are a few websites that I found easy to use and also offered great deals.

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