How to Cut College Costs

College costs are skyrocketing. From tuition to books to room and board, earning a degree at an accredited university can become a heavy burden on your pocketbook. Despite these expenses, you have options that will help cut your college costs.

According to a LiveScience article, experts say a university education is still worth the cost, regardless of soaring college expenses.  Sandy Baum, an independent higher education policy analyst, states, “On average, the rate of return is very high, and it is continuing to rise over time.”

Saving every dime for your college education can dramatically help achieve your educational goals. Below are some helpful ways to cut your college costs.  Continue Reading…

How to Choose the Right College

studying girl How do I choose the best college for me? Selecting the “right” college can be a challenging feat. You may be nervous about the location, the type of people you will meet, or, even, the availability of academic programs, if you decide to change your major. Relax! Don’t get overwhelmed. Help is available!

According to a New York Times article written by two professors, “Your personal commitment to learning, your individual learning style, your ability to withstand the increased competition at college — all of these are important determinants of how well you’ll learn — and grow — at college.” Continue Reading…


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