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How Do Students Find Scholarships?

Many parents and students really want to know…how do students find scholarships? There are several great resources to help students find scholarships.  Students should consider contacting their high school guidance counselors, local clubs and organizations, employers, and even college financial aid departments to learn about potential scholarship opportunities. But they shouldn’t stop there. The Internet is teeming with additional resources to help students locate scholarships, too; there are scholarships listed on Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and pretty much every other social media forum on the Web. Students can also conduct a Google or Bing search by using specific terms, such as ‘scholarships for high school seniors’ or ‘weird scholarships.’ These approaches may generate lists of scholarships, but students just might end up with lists that take hours to comb through. An easier way to locate potential awards is for students to use a free scholarship search service, such as It may take 10 to 15 minutes to complete the online profile, but students will receive a list of awards that are specific to their individual needs, skills, and talents. This cuts down on the time spent searching for awards and allows students to get to the important part… applying for scholarships.

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Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box When Searching for Scholarships

A few months ago, I wrote a post called ‘Where Have All the Scholarships Gone?’ It was in response to the numerous postings I came across on Facebook and Twitter where students professed that they were unable to find scholarships anywhere. It included some of the widely known resources for locating college money, such as free scholarship search tools and guidance counselors, as well as a few new ways to locate free money. Apparently, there are still several students out there who haven’t either read the post, or simply do not understand how to conduct a simple search on the Internet, because the whining about the lack of scholarships has not subsided. I hate to sound harsh and call these students lazy, but I am dumbfounded by the lack of motivation or creativity some of them exude. When I was actively searching for scholarships, I literally left no stone unturned. Heck, I even turned over a few couch cushions in my quest to find money; every dollar found was one less I would have to repay in student loans. If you are having difficulty locating college scholarships, just remember to think outside the box, and try these lesser-known avenues for finding free money for college.

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Believe in Yourself to Get Scholarships!

Believe In Yourself to Get Scholarships Recently, I’ve heard students talking about how scholarships are “only for valedictorians” or a “waste of time.” Let me set the story straight: scholarships are definitely not a waste of time and they are for EVERYONE! I can say this with full confidence — I have been there.

In 2004, I made the decision to go to college in pursuit of an English degree. I had been out of high school for a while, already had children plus a part-time job. My husband had a decent (but not great) job, so we made too much money for me to qualify for a Pell grant but not enough for me to cover the cost of my college tuition and fees. This left me with two options; I could find ways to cover my expenses or resign myself to having a lot of student loan debt at graduation. Continue Reading…


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