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Ever wonder why some students seem to have all the luck when it comes to winning scholarships? Well, first of all, luck rarely has anything to do with it. In general, students are awarded institutional aid (scholarships from their colleges) based on high academic achievement, athletic or artistic talent, and/or family income level. But, that doesn’t mean you need brains or an empty bank account to score some free cash. No, there are literally thousands of private scholarships available that just about anyone can win, if you follow some simple suggestions. Intrigued? Head over to and check out its latest financial aid post, “5 Tips for Winning Scholarships.

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3 Cringe-Worthy Scholarship Mistakes to Avoid

Many students complain that they apply and apply for scholarships, but never seem to win. Yes, scholarship programs are very competitive; especially when you have thousands of students vying for one award. So, what can you do to help boost your chances of making it into the winner’s circle? I wish there was an easy answer, but our friends at may be able to provide some help. They have uncovered three critical scholarship mistakes that will fast-track your application to the declined list nearly every time.

Want to learn more?  Head over to right now and read “3 Things That Make Scholarship Judges Cringe.”

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Why Skeptics Don’t Win Scholarships

Ever notice how some people have a knack for finding the negative in every situation? It could be the most beautiful day ever, but those Debbie Downers will complain about the sun shining too brightly or some other idiotic problem. These very same people will also be the first to point out that no matter how much time and effort they expend, nothing ever goes their way. They question everything, but rarely ever offer any solutions. Unfortunately, we meet a lot of these naysayers at college fairs, financial aid nights, and online. So, in the spirit of International Skeptics Day (yes, it really does exist), we thought today might be a good opportunity to explain why skeptics typically don’t win scholarships.

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How to Write a Scholarship Essay

Today’s question: “How do you write a good scholarship essay?”

There are many things to keep in mind when writing a scholarship essay. Ashley, our scholarship expert, will help break down the steps that will hopefully lead you to the finish line and the winner’s circle! Whether you’re a high school student going to college, a college student going to graduate school, or an adult going back to school, this video will help you write a great essay for your scholarship applications.

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How to Win Scholarships

How Do You Win Scholarships?

Today’s Question: “How do you win scholarships?”

You did all the right things…you decided to search for scholarships, you found a bunch, and applied for several. But, how do people actually win scholarships? There is no magic answer, but there are some things you can do to increase your odds of winning a scholarship. In this short video, Ashley, our scholarship expert, will give you some tips on how to increase your chances of making it to the finalist’s pool.

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