That Which Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger!

Special ScholarshipsMany of you may have experienced struggles in your lives. You may have lost a parent (or both) far too soon or battled a life-threatening illness. Maybe you struggled with learning disabilities that made it difficult to succeed in school or have had family issues that are too painful to even mention. These obstacles can either break you or make you stronger. Personally, I believe our struggles help build character and allow us to face new obstacles with resolve. If you have dealt with some serious issues in your life, you might be surprised to find that your ability to face those obstacles may lead to free money for college. There are several organizations that recognize and reward students who have struggled to succeed. Regardless of your past, your future could look a whole lot brighter with the help of one of these scholarship programs. Continue Reading…

Scholarships for Students with Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Transitioning from high school to college can be overwhelming for any student, but a student with a learning disability may find it even more difficult.  In high school, a student may have received an Individualized Education Program (IEP), but college presents a new set of challenges. First, the student must decide whether to disclose his/her learning disability. Although some students may find it helpful to include this information in their college admission essay (explaining why some grades or test scores may not be up to par), others may choose to keep the matter private. If the student finds he/she may need some assistance on campus, such as a tutor or special accommodations in the classroom, the college may require documentation to support the student’s disability claim before providing the requested services. This may be anything from a physician’s letter to a formal psychiatric evaluation. It is also a good idea for students to review the Americans with Disabilities Act to know what rights they have to services and accommodations under the law. In addition, the National Center for Learning Disabilities provides many resources to help students and their parents navigate the transition from high school to college.
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