Merit-Based Scholarships

The 411 on Merit-Based Scholarships

Today’s question comes from Adam. His question is, “What is a merit scholarship and how do I get one?”

Well, here at, we’re all about helping students find free money for college, so we’re going to fill you in on all the details – what you need to know about merit scholarships, how to find them, and tips on improving your chances of earning a merit scholarship. Check out Jess, our newest “scholarship expert,” in this short video to learn more!

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FYI: Dean’s List Education Scholarship

money for college Yes, college costs are increasing sharply every year. However, you don’t have to be a victim to the price hikes. Instead, you should stay focused on your studies. Why? Because you could receive a Dean’s List Education Scholarship.

Dean’s List Education Scholarships are free money offered by colleges and universities across the country to students who excel academically. Requirements vary depending on the institution. You should expect a prerequisite minimum GPA between 3.0-3.5. The school also may request letters of recommendations from faculty members.

In addition, students are usually recognized at graduation for being on the Dean’s List for more than one semester. Some schools even have a special ceremony to celebrate the students’ achievements. Continue Reading…

Merit Scholarships vs. Scholarship Sweepstakes

college scholarshipsAs you begin your scholarship search, you will be introduced to several types of scholarship opportunities. Students always are interested in the difference between merit scholarships and scholarship sweepstakes. But, just remember, you should apply for both types because each will offer you cash for college.

Merit scholarships are based on your excellence. For example, merit scholarships may require a particular ACT or SAT score, a minimum grade point average, or a great essay discussing a superpower. These scholarships want to learn more about the applicant and how he or she would be an awesome candidate for free money. With merit scholarships, you have to prove that you are best applicant. Judges may evaluate your application on creativity, originality, or relevance. Continue Reading…


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