Black History Month

10 Scholarships for African American Students

Did you know that Black History Month was first celebrated at Kent State University in 1970? Now, nearly every elementary, middle, and high school plans some form of educational activities throughout the month to honor those African Americans who have made great contributions to music, education, politics, and racial equality. Colleges and universities also provide ample opportunities for students to learn more about black history and to celebrate African American culture. Even though there has been progress towards racial equality, the fact remains that many African American students still lack the college planning resources and funding necessary to complete a post-secondary education. There are, however, many scholarship opportunities available to assist those students who wish to earn a college degree. Here are a few of the current programs open to African American students at the high school, undergraduate, or graduate level.

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February Scholarships

Fall in Love With These February Scholarships!

February is such a polarizing month; you either love it or you hate it. I fall on the ‘love’ side of the fence. As a young girl, I enjoyed getting valentines in elementary school. In high school, I waited patiently to see if Cupid (usually some hot senior) would deliver roses to my homeroom class. College, of course, was a whole, new level of crazy; ambitious young men would go above and beyond to impress us girls. Off-key serenades in the dormitory courtyard, giant banners hanging from buildings, or a 10-pound bar of chocolate were not unheard of on campus during the flirty month of February. Thinking back, I would have much rather received something a bit more tangible…like a college scholarship. Wrap a $5,000 check with a bow and I would have been yours for life – or at least until the end of the semester. If you prefer green over gold, or cash over carnations, check out this lovely list of February scholarships just waiting for their prefect match.

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Minority Scholarships

How Can I Find Scholarships for Minorities?

Today’s question: “How can I find scholarships for minorities?”

To make the dream of a higher education possible for everyone, more and more organizations are providing scholarships for minority students. But, who is considered a minority student?  You might be surprised to learn that it’s not simply those who come from a specific ethnic background; there are other traits that might be considered, as well. In this YouTube video, Ashley, our scholarship expert, breaks down the different characteristics that may give you access to free money for college.

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November Scholarship Countdown

November ScholarshipsHave you noticed all the Christmas decorations going up in stores lately? Heck, even Santa Claus has already set up shop in my local mall. It seems as though November is quickly becoming the new December. Before we get ‘wrapped’ up in the Christmas spirit, let’s not forget that November is a time to thank military veterans for their service to our country and a time to gather for the Thanksgiving meal. For my family, Thanksgiving has always been a cherished tradition of stuffing our faces, watching football and taking a long afternoon nap. But before we devour mom’s glorious turkey, we also take a few moments to express what we are thankful for this past year. As a college graduate, that list has often included scholarships (I am definitely grateful for having less student loan debt!). So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m providing you with some tasty scholarships that are available right now. Just be sure to set aside some time to complete their applications before the month ends, or you’ll feel like a turkey for letting this money slip through your hands! Continue Reading…


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