November scholarships

Be Thankful for These November Scholarships

Can you believe Thanksgiving will be here in just a few short weeks? It’s a time not only to enjoy the company of your family and friends (and tons of great food!), but also to reflect upon what you may be grateful for this past year. For new college students, it may be something as simple as surviving your first mid-terms. High school seniors, on the other hand, may simply be thankful for the short break from college applications (breathe, it’s almost over!). We, of course, are thankful for each and every student, parent, and educator who trusts us to help him or her find free money for college. In keeping with the giving spirit of the holiday, we’ve assembled a bountiful list of November scholarships. But, you have to hurry because just like pumpkin pie at grandma’s house, these will disappear soon!

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November Scholarships

Scholarships That Are as Satisfying as Pumpkin Pie!

Can you believe that the fall semester is nearly over already? In a few weeks, you’ll be enjoying Thanksgiving and hopefully taking a much-needed break from your school assignments. Of course, if you’re a high school senior, this is a prime opportunity to get caught up with your college admissions applications and start working on scholarships. Any current college student is likely to tell you that there never seems to be enough money to cover all the expenses that pop up during the semester. For those who still have a few years left in high school, don’t waste the holiday break snoozing on the couch or filling up on pumpkin pie; instead, set aside a few hours to get a jump on your college scholarship search. The early bird may get the worm, but it’s the early student who wins the scholarship! Here are a few scholarships with upcoming deadlines to get you started.

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Black Friday Scholarships

BLACK FRIDAY In a few short days, total strangers will be shoving and clawing their way through retailers looking for the best Black Friday deals this year. Sure, Target and Walmart have some awesome deals, like an Xbox bundle for $99 or an LED television for $78, but am I willing to give up time with my family to ensure I snag one of these coveted gifts? I can think of a much better way to spend my evening – like searching for scholarships! Think about it, not only can you do it in the comfort of your own home; you can get your family to help you out, too. Okay, who am I kidding? Grandpa will be snoring in his recliner, dad will hog the couch, and mom will be looking for recruits to help wash the dishes. So, use scholarships as your full-proof excuse for getting out of clean-up duty! I’ve even put together a list of Black Friday programs that will disappear (along with all the great sales) after this weekend, just in case mom asks for some evidence!
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