Big Money Scholarships…Cha-Ching!

Big Money Scholarships In the world of scholarships, winning a full-ride or ‘Big Money’ scholarship is akin to capturing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Similar to that goose, finding and keeping one of these awards can be a little tricky. You have to know where to look and you have to possess the right ‘tools’ to win. Although many of the largest, most prestigious awards are merit-based, there are several programs that offer big rewards for other skills and talents, such as writing or artistic abilities. And surprisingly, not all of the programs are just for high school seniors; some cater to middle school students and non-traditional students. So, where are these elusive ‘Big Money’ awards? Grab your net and get ready, as we go on the hunt for scholarship programs that offer BIG rewards. Continue Reading…

What You Should Know About Renewable Scholarships

Keys to Renewable Scholarships In the world of scholarships, ‘renewable’ is the golden key. Why? It’s simple — a renewable scholarship is money in the bank. Unlike a non-renewable scholarship, these awards provide funding over multiple years; that’s music to any student’s ears. Unfortunately, many students fail to read the ‘fine print’ on their scholarship award packages and find themselves in a quandary when their financial aid is stripped away. Most renewable scholarships come with stipulations and guidelines that must be followed to continue to receive funding; one simple mistake can lead to a zero balance in your student account. To ensure you receive the full amount of your financial aid award, be sure to follow these simple rules.

Adhere to Deadlines
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