Twitter Party

It’s a Scholarship Twitter Party!

Last week, I was honored to be the guest ‘tweeter’ on #CampusChat hosted by Smart College Visit and scholarship expert Monica Matthews. Monica helped her son win more than $100,000 in scholarships when he went to college. She frequently gives tips for finding and winning scholarships on her website,, and social media channels, such as Twitter. She is also the author of “How to Win College Scholarships.” If you missed our fast and furious scholarship Twitter chat, don’t worry. I have compiled all the questions and some of the best responses right here. Enjoy!

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New Year's Resolutions

5 Resolutions Students Should Make for 2014

Have you made your list of New Year’s resolutions yet? I’m betting there is something on there about getting in shape or losing a few pounds. You might even be thinking about becoming a vegetarian. Those are all fine and dandy, but they probably won’t help you become a better student or reach your academic goals for 2014. And, if you’re like me, that ‘going without meat’ thing will get old very soon! Trust me; I have made the same resolutions time and time again. Save yourself the frustration and focus on what really matters – improving your mind and financial well-being. If you truly want to have a fantastic 2014, consider adding these resolutions to your list.

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scholarship hunt

5 Fun Ways to Find Scholarships

As most high school students can attest, finding and applying for scholarships can feel like a job. You can spend hours preparing applications and writing essays, all in the hopes of winning some free money for college. After a while, it can start to wear on you, especially when your friends are out having fun and you’re stuck behind a computer screen. Well, guess what? There’s no reason why you have to be alone while working on scholarships. In fact, it’s a lot more fun when you have some company. To make the process more enjoyable, I’ve put together a few suggestions on how you can increase your chances of finding more awards, which should increase your chances of winning, and have a great time, too.

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college cash

College Cash Rehash!

Did you forget to attend our Scholarship Twitter Chat on November 14 with Jodi Okun? No worries! We’ve put together some of the highlights from the evening in a quick, easy-to-digest format for you. Take a look at what you missed on #CollegeCash!

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College Scholarship Questions

What Do I Need to Know About College Scholarships?

Today’s question: “What do I need to know about college scholarships?”

The financial aid process can be overwhelming, but never fear, our scholarship expert is here to help! In this short YouTube video, Ashley will explain some of the basics about scholarships, including what they are, who offers them, and who can apply.

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