Scholarship Red Flags

Beware of These Scholarship Red Flags

It seems every day a new scholarship opportunity pops up on the Internet or makes the rounds on social media. Although many of these programs are legitimate, there are some that merely use the lure of free college money to collect information and sell it to others. These programs typically offer students the chance to win money for doing very little or no work at all. Unfortunately, these types of ‘lead generator’ programs are very attractive to students who are tired of writing essays or filling out long application forms. I know that it can be frustrating, but most people won’t give away thousands of dollars without knowing if the applicants will be willing to put in a little effort. Scholarship providers use essays, personal statements and application questions to find students who are likely to put the provider’s money to good use. If students are too lazy to write a 250 word essay, or complete a 2-page application, chances are they may become slackers in college, too. Besides the no work equals big reward ploy, here are some other red flags students should be aware of when researching scholarships.

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