Go to College Without Going Broke

College Tuition TipsAs student loan debt continues to climb, and more students face the challenge of paying for their degrees, our country’s leaders continue to look for creative programs to help more students gain access to college. In Florida, for example, Governor Rick Scott issued a challenge to the state’s college administrators to lower the cost of a bachelor’s degree to under $10,000 over four years. Although only a handful of colleges accepted the challenge, at least it’s a start. Unfortunately, students may not see any dramatic decreases in tuition anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other resources that can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, a student’s overall college debt. For those who want to attend college without going broke, these programs may just fit the bill. Continue Reading…

4 Tips That Could Help You Graduate Nearly Debt-Free!

Garduate Debt-Free As you may have heard, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently announced that student loan debt has now surpassed the trillion dollar mark. Just last year, students borrowed over $117 billion in federal student loans and we are on track to match or pass that mark again this year; the numbers are sobering.  With the economy still struggling and graduates continuing to have difficulty in finding employment, it’s simply not feasible for students to continue this trend without serious financial ramifications for everyone. But, is it possible to graduate debt-free and reverse this trend? Continue Reading…

Little Awards = Big Rewards!

Remember your P.E. class from grade school? You’re standing in line, waiting to be picked for the team, and what does the captain do? He or she picks the bigger students because it is presumed they will perform better or have more to offer. The same presumption often occurs with scholarship searches: the larger awards get all the attention, while the ‘little guys’ may see only a few dozen applications.

This assumption is a mistake many students also make when searching and applying for scholarships. While the smaller programs may only offer $100, $250 or $500 as an award, a scholarship-savvy student will realize that by winning several of these awards, the total amount can really add up. The other upside of smaller awards is that they are often disbursed directly to the student and not the college. This means you can use the funds for food, clothing, gas or whatever else you may need at college.

Here’s a sampling of some smaller awards available now: Continue Reading…

CollegeWeekLive Diversity Day Scholarship

The word ‘diversity’ can mean many things. In academia, it’s a term used to describe the mix of students from under-represented populations. This may include students from minority groups, adult learners, students with disabilities and more. Many schools offer a vast array of resources and free college money to students who belong to an under-represented population.  But, where do you start your search for colleges that value diversity?

Good news! CollegeWeekLive will be hosting a free online event called Diversity Day on Wednesday, September 14th, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. EDT. Many diversity topics will be covered through panel discussions and online video chats, including: Continue Reading…

CollegeWeekLive.com Study Abroad Day

Ever dream of studying abroad? student-passport-study-abroadThe opportunity to take in the charms of a British countryside or taste the savory flavors of Italy – these are just a few of the added perks when studying overseas. Well, if you have ever toyed with the idea or wanted to know more, here’s your chance. Today, CollegeWeekLive.com is hosting a free online Study Abroad Day for students who are 15-19 years of age.

Students considering a semester abroad or enrolling in a college outside of the U.S. should login today. Online participants can attend virtual booths for colleges offering U.S. students the opportunity to take classes and get degrees overseas. Access important links, download documents, and chat live with college admissions reps, all from the comfort of your computer! You can also view live presentations on why you should study abroad, how to choose the right study abroad program and saving money by studying abroad. Did I mention you can also have a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship for logging in and completing the Study Abroad Day scavenger hunt?

So, what are you waiting for? The CollegeWeekLive.com Study Abroad Day is open from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. (EDT) today and is completely FREE! We hope to see you there.

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