Never Too Late for Scholarships!

It is not too late for scholarshipsFor many students, Labor Day weekend signifies the end of summer and the return to school. Gone are the lazy days by the pool and hanging out with your friends. You can also forget sleeping in during the week anymore. Hopefully, many of you utilized all that free time during the summer to work on your scholarship applications, though we’re sure some of you might have procrastinated just a bit.

Good news…there are still many scholarships available that will help you pay for school this year. Take a little time during this three-day holiday weekend to get caught up or to start your scholarship search. Continue Reading…

Financial Aid & College Admission

applying for financial aid Does applying for financial aid hurt your chances of admission? Well, it depends on the school.

Most universities implement the need-blind admissions policy. This rule does not focus on the applicant’s ability to pay for his or her education during the admissions process. The policy allows students an equal opportunity to be admitted.

Admission officers are encouraged to review the application based on the student’s personal and academic ability to succeed at the university, despite the student’s financial need. Thus, the financial aid application does not have any effect on the admissions committee’s decision. Continue Reading…


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