Tuition-Free Colleges

7 Colleges That Are Tuition Free!

According to a recent article in USA Today, nearly fifty percent of parents are limiting their child’s college choices because of tuition costs and other college-related expenses. Students are also taking a closer look at sticker prices and weighing their options since many are now left paying the bill. In fact, the cost of tuition is one of the main reasons students are opting not to enroll at their first choice schools, even after they have been accepted. Thankfully, some options still exist for those who still want to get an education, but may not have the financial means to attend a traditional school. Here are seven colleges that offer students the ability to earn degree without the tuition fee.

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Go to College Without Going Broke

College Tuition TipsAs student loan debt continues to climb, and more students face the challenge of paying for their degrees, our country’s leaders continue to look for creative programs to help more students gain access to college. In Florida, for example, Governor Rick Scott issued a challenge to the state’s college administrators to lower the cost of a bachelor’s degree to under $10,000 over four years. Although only a handful of colleges accepted the challenge, at least it’s a start. Unfortunately, students may not see any dramatic decreases in tuition anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other resources that can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, a student’s overall college debt. For those who want to attend college without going broke, these programs may just fit the bill. Continue Reading…


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