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About Us…In the Making

Early in the year 2000, a group of concerned education professionals, parents, and students met to discuss how to better serve the needs of college undergraduate and graduate students and college-bound high school seniors as they look for ways to pay for their education.

After taking a close look at several scholarship search sites already available on the Internet, we recognized that many of those services do not provide quality results. Often the search results generated on those sites are riddled with outdated and inaccurate information, and often the results do not match the student profiles.

Another issue of concern when evaluating the existing sites was privacy. Although the use of profile-matching technology when searching for scholarships requires users to submit personal information, we were troubled that many of the free scholarship search services then sell or distribute students’ personal information without offering students the option to control when and to whom their personal information was shared.

And so, having seen first-hand how difficult (and risky!) it is for parents and students to find genuine leads for scholarship possibilities, we agreed that there must be a way to help. We figured that with the right technology and search processes and the right system for research and data entry, a secure, time-saving and accurate scholarship search service could be built. We then decided to build a–an Internet service that could quickly provide accurate and tailored scholarship search results without compromising the privacy of students and parents.…Presently

After several years of development and constant refinement, we are pleased to continue offering, a fast, easy and free way to find scholarships on the Internet. delivers accurate and timely search results that have been filtered and customized to match unique user profiles.

The time-saving services offered by can be attributed to the talents and dedication of our Research Team as well as to the technical expertise with which our site and our database were created. believes that the accuracy of the records housed in our award database is the cornerstone upon which our service is built, and so we have carefully created a successful data management and research process. Our team of scholarship researchers works year-round to maintain accurate award information. This team works closely with scholarship providers to ensure that students using our site receive current and accurate scholarship information–and the scholarships in our database have been submitted or verified by the actual award providers.

Also, using a team of experienced developers and scholarship professionals, the site and database have been carefully crafted, resulting in sophisticated search tools and data management systems that make a useful matching service and resource for finding scholarships. is proud to deliver fast and tailored scholarship search results and up-to-date information to help students and parents find additional ways to pay for college!

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