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Facts About ScholarshipExperts.com

ScholarshipExperts.com™ was created in July 2000, and is based in Jacksonville, Florida. It currently offers a highly rated free scholarship search service on the Internet at www.scholarshipexperts.com, and assists parents and students at no cost as they look for ways to pay for college. ScholarshipExperts.com™ is a proud member of the Northeast Florida Better Business Bureau, and meets the stringent requirements for approval in the nationwide BBB Online Reliability Program. Since 2003, Forbes.com has placed ScholarshipExperts.com™ at the top of its “Best of the Web” list, calling ScholarshipExperts.com™ “the best scholarship search engine we’ve found.” Additionally, ScholarshipExperts.com™ was recognized by MONEY Magazine in May 2006 as a “Trusted Source” for scholarship information.

Data Quality
  • ScholarshipExperts.com™ employs a professional team of research specialists who regularly collect, add, and revise records in the scholarship database.
  • ScholarshipExperts.com™ provides scholarship information for U.S. students. The award database includes scholarships at global, national, state, institutional and local levels. Awards are available for high school students, college undergraduates, and graduate students.
  • ScholarshipExperts.com™ offers accurate and up-to-date award information that has been verified by scholarship providers within the current academic year.
  • The award database currently houses over 2.4 million scholarships worth more than $14 billion.
Unique Features
  • Users gain access to unique, time-saving tools on the ScholarshipExperts.com™ website. The “Retrievable Discard” organizational system allows users to easily sort their results. Users can download and print scholarships using our “Bundle and Print” option. Our “Downloadable Application” technology gives users access to online applications instantly from one website. Requesting applications by mail is quick and efficient using the time-saving “Application Request Letter Tool.”
  • ScholarshipExperts.com™ uses the unique profile of each registered member to match him/her with the most accurate and relevant award listings available.
  • ScholarshipExperts.com™ takes security seriously and aims to protect user information; see our privacy policy for more details. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard your non-public, personal information.
A Scholarship Search Service Worth Signing Up For!
  • Each visitor to the ScholarshipExperts.com™ website is asked to complete a thorough profile, which generates a list of scholarships tailored to his/her unique characteristics, circumstances, and academic background.
  • Students gain unlimited access to all time-saving tools, scholarship updates and revised searches just by signing up online. With a professional research team working daily to update and expand the ScholarshipExperts.com™ database, users can revisit the site as often as they like to see if there are any new awards that match their profiles.
  • ScholarshipExperts.com™ provides reliable customer service and support via email and web forms on the website.
  • Best of all, using ScholarshipExperts.com™ is fast, easy, and completely free.

Contact Info

Website: http://www.scholarshipexperts.com
Email: info@scholarshipexperts.com