Frequently Asked Questions


    I don’t have an email address–can I still use your site to search for scholarships?

    You must first get an email address to use our search service. There are several free email sites available online such as or Once you’ve established an email address, return to our site to get started.

    Who should sign up to use this service?

    This service has been designed with several users in mind. You should use this site if you are any of the following:

    • a U.S. undergraduate or graduate college student already studying in the USA
    • a college-bound high school freshman, sophomore, junior or senior planning to study in the USA
    • the parent or educator of any of the students mentioned above

    I’m a returning user, but I ran out of time the last time I came here. How should I get back to the profile to complete it and run a search?

    If you completed Step One during a previous visit, you should simply login as a returning member when you return to the site. Enter your email address and the password you used when you signed up. You will then be on the Profile Summary page, and will be able to see how many profile steps you have yet to complete–they will be marked with an “Incomplete” message. Simply click the EDIT link on the “Incomplete” steps, and proceed. Remember, it is never a problem to leave the site without completing all of the steps of the profile–you can pick right back up where you left off when you return!

    I see that I need my Username and Password to login on the site. Where do I get a Username, and can you send me my Password?

    If you completed Step One during a previous visit, your Username is the same as the email address you submitted then. Type it exactly as you typed it previously. Use our convenient “Forgot Password?” tool to receive your password via email if you cannot remember it.


    I would like to use this scholarship search service to find scholarships, but I don’t know if there is any kind of fee. Is a free website?

    Yes! is a free website! There is no fee for students, parents and educators who want to use our award-winning and time-saving service. All you have to do to get started is fill out the profile. When you complete that profile, our search technology will run and instantly match you up with scholarship programs you can apply for. You will be able to immediately review your customized scholarship search results, and will have instant access to the unique tools and features on our website…at absolutely no cost to you! is fast, easy and completely free!

    Why are you running advertising offers on your website? has placed some advertising offers on the website with hopes of earning some advertising revenue to cover some of our business expenses. Because of our commitment to our users as well as to excellence in both the integrity of our data and the efficiency of our search service, we do have business expenses; therefore, we do include some relevant offers that may be of interest to students on our site.

    • Operational Costs: In order to ensure a high level of accuracy in our award database, we employ research analysts and experienced data entry professionals. Unlike some of the other search sites on the Internet, we do not list outdated or inaccurate award information in our database. Our award information is researched and verified by our professional staff of research analysts. Also, our search technology is custom-built, and was developed by an experienced team of web application specialists. When students or their parents take the time to visit our website and use our service, they are asked to fill out a very thorough profile, custom-built for scholarship searching. By taking the 10 to 20 minutes necessary for creating such a profile, students save hours of time they would have otherwise used for researching award information in the library, in books, or on other websites. Once the profile is completed, our technology renders instant results, giving students a list of awards they should be eligible to apply for; the award details and information about how to apply appears very quickly after completing the profile.
    • Technology: Additionally, our users expect our website to run quickly and reliably. Therefore, we have invested heavily in hardware, software and network solutions that help keep our website accessible to users around the clock.

    Why should I use instead of just going to any other scholarship search site?

    Our goal is to use the most accurate data and search technology to give customers the search service they desire. There are other services out there offering scholarship information, but you will find that they may not offer completely accurate and up-to-date information, and they may not produce search results that are completely filtered and targeted to match your unique credentials. To save time and get updated and customized scholarship information, use, the only scholarship search service on the Internet worth signing up for!

    I’ve heard that companies that run scholarship search services are scams — is that true?

    There is a lot of information on the Internet about scholarship scams and invalid, unethical search services that tend to prey on desperate college students and their parents. But not all scholarship search services are “scams.” Be assured that is a valid, reputable business that produces genuine, helpful scholarship information. We are not a small, home-based business. We employ skilled data researchers to maintain our accurate and up-to-date award database, and we rely on our talented software developers to provide users with sophisticated technology and an award-winning website. We produce targeted, filtered, accurate search results–information that you can then use immediately to carry out the scholarship application process.

    To verify the credibility of, feel free to look us up on the Better Business Bureau’s website. We have been members in good standing with the Northeast Florida BBB since August 2001.

    How can I keep from being “scammed” when searching for scholarships?

    The companies that may be running scholarship scams tend to fit into one or more of the following categories:

    • Companies offering a “free seminar” for parents and students. This could be legitimate, or it could be a hidden sales pitch for expensive services.
    • Companies who claim to be the exclusive holders of scholarship information, saying you “can’t find this information anywhere else.” You can always find information about scholarships on your own if you’re willing to take the time to do the research!
    • Companies telling you that you’re a finalist or the recipient of a scholarship that you never applied for. They will probably ask for a credit card number to “hold” your award for you — beware!
    • Companies telling you that you “must act now” or that the award is a “limited time offer.” Granted, there are deadlines that you have to meet when applying for scholarships, but be wary of someone telling you “first come, first served.”
    • Companies claiming “millions of scholarship dollars are left unclaimed every year.” This is a myth, and simply not true.
    • Companies saying that you are “guaranteed” to get an award. No one can promise you an award except the scholarship provider in charge of the scholarship program, so be careful about guaranteed services.
    • Companies that tell you they will “do all of the work for you, for a fee.” You need to know that companies can do the research for you, but they cannot complete the whole application process for you. When it comes to winning scholarships, you have to do most of the work after the source of the money has been identified.

    Do you guarantee that your service will find a scholarship for me?

    No, does not guarantee that our scholarship search service will definitely find you a scholarship that you will eventually win. A guarantee like that would be worthless–we cannot promise that you will win a scholarship because we are not the scholarship “providers” for the majority of the programs listed in our database. Our scholarship matching service does not control which applicants win awards and which applicants do not.

    We can tell you, however, that our service is very helpful in locating possible sources of funding for college expenses. Our ever-expanding award database already holds over 2.4 million scholarships worth over 14 billion dollars, and our sophisticated search technology produces targeted and relevant results for customers seeking funding. Because we develop and maintain great relationships with scholarship providers, and because we can deliver high quality, updated award information to you when you return to run a search on our site, you’ve got a great chance of finding what you’re looking for by using our fast, easy, and completely free scholarship search service.