Frequently Asked Questions


    I don’t have a very good grade point average–will I be able to find any scholarships to pay for school?

    Approximately 65% of the awards listed in our award database are “merit-based” and require a fairly decent high school or college GPA. Several other awards, however, are awarded based on your hobbies, your extra-curricular activities, your career plans, or your family’s work experience. You should always work hard to improve your GPA and test scores to increase your chances of finding a scholarship, but having a low GPA does not necessarily preclude you from getting an award.

    I don’t have very much time to spend on the Internet–how long will it take me to fill out a profile on your site?

    Completing the profile process on takes about 10 to 20 minutes. Some students choose to complete the profile while their parent is with them, so they can quickly answer the questions that refer to parents’ jobs, associations and activities, and income. Likewise, some parents who decide to complete this profile on behalf of their student decide that it is more time-efficient to answer the profile questions with the student in the room. There are several questions that ask for specific details–and it is quite important that you answer correctly and completely to ensure accurate results.

    Rest assured, however, that doing the profile in stages or upon return visits to the site is not a problem. If you come across a profile question that you cannot answer without doing some research or questioning a family member, it is safe to logout and return to the site once you know the answer. Or, if you run out of time or get suddenly interrupted, you can just logoff and return later. will store your profile answers until you return; just login and pick up where you left off (look for the helpful red “Incomplete” messages in the Profile Summary indicating any unfinished steps in the profile).

    What if my student information changes? Can I update my profile on your site without creating a whole new account?

    Yes, you can always return to the site and make changes to your existing account. Whenever your E-Profile information changes, you should login to the site and update your profile. Remember, updating your profile creates new search criteria, so your scholarship results will probably change once you return to the E-Organizer. These results will be new, accurate search results matched to your new, updated profile.

    I’ve never seen a site that makes you move choices from the top selection box to a bottom box like yours–why do you do it that way?

    The developers and user interface specialists who created our site decided to use this unique design to make the profile process easier for our users to complete. The dual vertical box design allows users to see the entire width of the choices without having to scroll from left to right. Additionally, creating a choice box and allowing users to put several answers in it with one click can reduce the errors that commonly occur using the traditional method of multi-select using the Control Key. We are very pleased to offer this functionality to our users, and we hope it makes your experience on our site a good one!

    I don’t see the right answers to some of the questions in the profile–how should I answer those questions?

    If you find a question that has no appropriate answers for your own unique profile, you should use the “None,” “Other,” or “Not Applicable” choices. Keep in mind, though, that choices are added to the E-Profile regularly as we add records to our ever-expanding award database. When we find scholarships that require users to belong to certain clubs, for example, or to certain societies, we add those choices to the appropriate questions in the profile. So, be sure to review your profile choices when you return to the site–especially review the questions that you have answered as “None,” “Other,” or “Not Applicable.” Scroll through those options each time to see if something that matches your profile has, in fact, been added.


    What kinds of awards are in your database?

    The award database is filled with over 2.4 million awards worth over 14 billion dollars. The awards range from freshman year awards to graduate school awards. There are awards for U.S. students planning to study in the USA. We’ve categorized the awards as follows: US National Awards, US State Awards, US Local Awards, and US Institutional Awards.

    Where does your scholarship information come from and how do I know it’s current?

    The scholarship information that you see on our site is housed in our Award Database–a proprietary database full of records that we have researched and added. Our team of data researchers contacts each scholarship provider to verify award information and details. The researchers then add the awards to our database and activate them for viewing on the website. Following this process for research and data entry, has discovered quite a bit of erroneous scholarship information listed on the Internet–it is important to us (and should be to you too!) to ensure that the scholarships posted on our site are accurate and currently offered. That’s our goal–and so far, we’re meeting it by providing up-to-date and accurate award information on our website!

    I’m an international student–do you have information in your database for me?

    Currently, is intended for use by U.S. students only.

    I am a scholarship provider and want to know if my scholarship is listed on your site–how can I find this out?

    We are always happy to hear from scholarship providers that have awards on our site and from those who would like to add their awards to our database. Simply email with the word “Provider” in the subject line to inquire about your awards, and our research team will respond as quickly as possible. Remember to tell us who you are, how to contact you, and the name of the scholarship program you are asking about.

    Why do you show scholarships with deadlines that have passed?

    Since there are several scholarship providers who offer scholarships repeatedly, year after year, with minimal changes to the requirements and the application deadlines, we want to make students aware of these awards, regardless of whether the deadlines for the current year have passed or not. We decided to continue showing these awards in the Expired Awards section even after the passing of the deadline so students would be aware of the possibility of applying for that award the following year.


    What makes your search any better than the searches on other sites? offers a sophisticated, logic-based search, coupling several original search fields and precision in data entry to achieve an accurate matching tool. We regularly test our website against other scholarship sites, and find that many other sites just aren’t able to narrow down their search results to match student profiles as accurately as we do.

    How many search results will I get using your site?

    The number of search results that each student gets using our service depends upon several factors. First, the number of search results generated depends upon the way the student profile is completed; students who take their time to answer EVERY question with careful thought and attention to detail will have a better chance of receiving more awards in their search results list, and students who rush through the process and don’t take time to find out the answers to each question will not. Also, the number of search results generated has a lot to do with your characteristics and personal information. Students with high test scores and good GPAs, active involvement and leadership roles in school activities and flexibility in their choice of major and choice of school will generally generate more search results than students with only one or two activities selected and those with a very narrow view of their careers/majors/college choices.

    Our advice, given these variables, is to take your time during the E-Profile process and of course, strive to keep those grades and test scores high. Be active and involved in service and leadership activities. And keep your options open when it comes to thinking of your major, career, and college choices.

    How long will I have to wait to see my search results?

    Not long at all — you will get your results immediately! Once you complete your profile, you will instantly be taken to the E-Organizer page. From there, you can immediately click over to the search results page. This entire process should happen within 10 to 20 seconds after finishing the profile.


    Why do you call yourselves the Scholarship Experts? intentionally brought experts from various educational, research and technical fields together to create an award-winning website and reputable scholarship matching service. is an appropriate name, given our commitment to excellence and our collective experience in helping students find scholarships to pay for college.

    Can you help me get a scholarship?

    It is important that students and parents using our site realize that the service we provide does not actually “get” you a scholarship. is a research tool, helping you find leads on potential scholarships you might want to apply for. We will not “do the work for you,” and we do not fill out and submit award applications on your behalf. Nor do we have any say in the selection process for awarding scholarships sponsored by other companies. Students “get” scholarships by applying for them and emerging as the most qualified candidate. This matching service and research resource simply saves you time by helping you find the right awards to apply for–you have to do the rest of the work for yourself.


    I’m concerned about my privacy–why do you ask me so many personal questions?

    In order to find the scholarships that you are likely to be eligible for, we need to know a lot of information about you. We collect your personal information during the E-Profile process, and then, using that information, generate a list of scholarships that have requirements matching your characteristics. And we do not sell your personal information to third parties; read our Privacy Policy for complete details.

    Do I have to tell you my Social Security number to find scholarships?

    No, will not ask for your Social Security number; it is not needed for the scholarship search process.