Student Discounts & Savings

If you are enrolled in school, you’ve probably realized that school and school-related expenses can really drain your bank account. But being a student can have its advantages. Did you know that many companies offer student discounts to those students who can show proof of school enrollment? Here are a few things to think about as you look for ways for students like you to save money:

  • Need some grub? There are probably quite a few restaurants near your college or high school campus that offer students some type of discount or special promotion. Try this the next time you eat out: ask one of the restaurant’s employees if your student ID can help save you money.
  • Values at venues! When you need a break from school, ask whether your student ID can qualify you for a discount at the local movie theatres, sporting events, theme parks, fairs, and concerts.
  • Flying frequently? Airline companies understand that students enrolled in schools away from home will want to go home frequently and may offer student discounts. Visit their websites or give them a call to inquire about how you can save some dough the next time you travel home.
  • Savvy Shopping. When you go shopping, be sure to find out if the store you are shopping in offers students any discounts. Many department stores and home furnishing stores offer students a percentage off their regular-priced purchases.
  • Drive for less. Some insurance companies offer students with good grades a discount on their monthly car insurance payments. And the savings can really add up throughout the year. Keep those grades up and make sure that you are getting all the student-related discounts you can from your car insurance company.
  • Healthy savings! Most college campuses have a student health center that offers students low cost healthcare, prescriptions and medicines. So check with your campus health center first before paying regular over-the-counter or pharmacy prices elsewhere.
  • Ed-U-Savings! Being a student also gives you the advantage of getting educational discounts on computer hardware and software. Many large computer companies have special prices for students and educational personnel, and sometimes the amount you can save is huge! Be sure to research student discounts when purchasing a big ticket item like a computer.
  • Speaking of savings…Saving money may be one of the last things on your mind right now, but banks may also offer students special rates or promotions on checking and savings accounts. So look for banks that cater to your student needs. If you already have a bank account, be sure to find out if you are eligible for any of the bank’s special student deals.


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