Summer Jobs: How to Work While Home from College

Summer is an exciting time for students everywhere. You can celebrate the end of your last term or semester and revel in the freedom of being unshackled from the bonds of school for a few months. And you can look ahead to enrolling in fall classes and enjoy thinking about being moved up from the proverbial bullpen to the pitcher’s mound of your academic career. But you also need to think long and hard about what to do with yourself during the two to three months of summer that all students face until school starts back up again.

How will you spend this invariable time of freedom? Will you wake up at the first hint of dawn to hit the empty beach, or keep your bed company until mid-afternoon? No matter what you plan to do to fill up those summer months, you should consider fitting a summer job into your schedule. Not only does a job help you learn about responsibility and give you experience in the real world, it also gives you a chance to save up what some consider to be a student’s greatest resource — cold hard cash.

No matter what level of study you are at in your academic career, having access to a decent savings account with money to spend is a very important necessity. You will need money while in school to pay for tuition, housing, books, food, computers, and so on. Building up your savings account over the summer could help make the difference between you excelling academically (with financial freedom that lends time for studying) and you struggling with classes (due to having to work off-campus while in college just to make ends meet). Also, working now and building up your savings account this summer can give you a reliable resource for those unexpected school emergencies later this fall, such as those urgent midnight fast food runs and double pizza Friday nights.

Contrary to popular belief, summer jobs are not all necessarily labor-intensive and boring. You may just find something you enjoy doing in the career field you plan to go into. Or if you’re not sure what type of career you’d like to pursue, a summer job could be a great guide and could help you figure out what type of work you like and what you don’t like.

In the end, a summer job is a very important necessity for your future. So go out and get to work; your bed will be alright without you.



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