Money Matters & Financial Planning and Management

College Savings Timeline Infographic
How you save for your child’s education depends on when you decide to start saving. Time plays a significant role. If you start early, you’ll have more time to set aside funds and plan an investment strategy. If you start later, you still have options, but they may be a bit more aggressive to make up for lost time. Use our college savings infographic to help guide you each step of the way.

Managing Credit Cards
Find out the good and bad of credit cards.

Credit Cards for College Students
An informational guide for teens planning to apply for a credit card.

How to Build Up Credit History
Having a good credit history is important. Find out how to start building up your credit history.

Family Finance Discussion
Be sure to discuss your family finances with your parents or guardians. Read this article to help get you started.

Financial Planning for College
Plan how to spend your money before you actually spend it.

How to Manage Money in College
Money management is an important skill to have when you attend college. Read this article for some helpful information for students.

Planning for Taxes & Scholarships
How will scholarships affect your taxes? Read more to find out.