10 Things to Pack for College

If you’re planning ahead and thinking about what you’ll need when you head off to college, here are our top 10 suggestions:


    Computer (or tablet) and printer. When it’s midnight and that paper or research is due tomorrow, you will want access to your own computer. The campus computer lab is no fun at 2:00 a.m., and that’s even if your school’s lab stays open that late!


    Comfort objects for homesick days…this will vary from person to person, but may include pictures, photo albums, stuffed animals, books, and pillows.


    Music…whether you still use a CD player, keep your songs on an iPod or a smartphone, or rely on iTunes, you will want access to all your favorite songs. And maybe even your favorite headphones or earbuds in case your roommate likes heavy metal at 5 a.m.!?


    A mini-fridge…yes, you will use it no matter how many meal plans you have. Where else will you put the leftover pizza and chocolate milk?


    Jeans…even if you heard that college students “dress up,” don’t believe it. Jeans and t-shirts are the norm.


    A checking account and debit card. Don’t — repeat, don’t — keep cash in your dorm room or apartment.


    Stuff. That’s right, stuff. You will want stuff to make your new dorm room or apartment seem like it belongs to you. A great bedspread and matching sheets, a rug by your bed, your favorite PJs, a bookshelf, photographs, etc.


    Not too much stuff. A dorm or apartment room can be very small so don’t clutter it up. Take just what you need. See #4.


    Your cell phone (like you would ever go anywhere without it?!). Don’t forget your chargers and make sure you understand the details of your wireless plan before you leave.


    Your free membership to ScholarshipExperts.com…the searching doesn’t stop when school begins! Your educational process has just begun…make sure you are proactive about finding ways to pay for it!

Also, as you are thinking about what to bring to college, be sure to think about what not to bring. To narrow down your list of college-bound items, find out what’s prohibited by the college, and what your roommate(s) are bringing that you could share. There’s really no need to have two microwaves and two toasters, even if you do like to fix midnight snacks on a regular basis.


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