Save Money & Maximize Dorm Room Space

Right before college begins, students everywhere are faced with the dilemma of how to fit a lot of stuff into a small college dorm room or apartment. Here are three ways to save space and organize your new place, and still have money left over for other college student essentials (like pizza).

  • Visible clutter can make an already small room look tiny. Keep things organized and out of sight in stacking storage bins (available at discount or home stores). Curtain off larger storage areas, such as under your bed (or your closet if it doesn’t have a door) with a patterned shower curtain hung on a tension rod.
  • Loft (raise the height of) your bed. The space underneath it can hold a desk, a futon, or anything else you might otherwise have trouble fitting into your dorm room. Not all colleges allow lofting, however, so check with the college’s housing office to find out your options.
  • Be creative and think of how ordinary things can serve multiple uses. For instance, a simple bathroom shower caddy can be used as a closet organizer to hold belts and other small items, a desk organizer for pens and pencils, or even a small drying rack for dishes. Thinking “outside the box” will not only save you money, but also make your new place as unique as you are.

Just because you are a college student doesn’t mean you can’t have a good looking and organized dorm room or apartment. For even more great decorating tips for your dorm room or apartment, visit a home improvement store today, and let the creativity and organization begin!


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