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Scholarship 411

Scholarship Basics & How to Get Free Money for College
Learn the scholarship basics including who can get scholarships and how you can find scholarships to pay for college.

Learn the Myths About Scholarships & Find the Truth about Paying for College
Uncover the truth about some common scholarship myths.

Finding Scholarships

Find Scholarships on the Web, What to Look for in a Scholarship Search Engine
How do you find free college scholarships using the Internet? Read this article for tips.

Scholarship Scams, How to Avoid Being Fooled During Your Scholarship Search
What are scholarship scams? How do you find a reputable scholarship search service? Learn how to distinguish between legitimate scholarships and scholarship scams, and find out what to look for in a scholarship matching service.

Finding the Right Scholarships & How to Search for the Perfect Scholarship
When searching for scholarships, be sure to find scholarships right for you!

Winning a Scholarship, How to Win Free Money for College
Read some helpful tips on how to win free scholarships.

The Periodic Table of College Scholarships
Make your scholarship search easy and fun by using our interactive college scholarships table to help you find free money for college!

Special Scholarships

About Minority Scholarships
Read this article for an overview of minority scholarships.

What Are Unusual Scholarships?
Discover some of the wackiest scholarships out there.

Scholarships and Homeschooled Students
Homeschooled students are eligible for scholarships, too. Read on for helpful information.

About Athletic Scholarships
Read this article for an introduction to the process of being recruited into a college sports program and possibly attaining an athletic scholarship.

Athletic Scholarships: Debunking the Top 5 Myths About the Elusive Sports Scholarship
This infographic examines the top 5 misconceptions surrounding athletic scholarships and the facts behind each, along with tips on how to increase your chances of landing a college scholarship.

Scholarships for Mothers and Women
Are you a female or a mom who is planning to go to college? Women and mothers should read about these great scholarships for moms today!