Frequently Asked Questions About SAMS

Where does applicant data end up when students apply through SAMS?
Each applicant who applies for a scholarship must register and login to the SAMS account for his/her responses to be securely stored in the SAMS system. We safely collect all of the data and store it in our secure databases for authorized scholarship committee members and administrators to access through the online provider review portal when it’s time for the committee to begin grading apps and selecting winners.
If an applicant doesn’t finish the application in one sitting, can he/she save work in SAMS and revisit later?
Yes, SAMS allows the scholarship applicant to start and stop as needed. He or she can login to SAMS to view, edit and/or update scholarship applications at any time. Applicants have access to scholarship applications they have started, completed or submitted, and they can easily track the status of each application through SAMS.
Can multiple scholarship committee members participate in reviewing and grading apps?
Yes, SAMS provides the option to add multiple members of a scholarship committee to the system. This allows all members to participate in various aspects of the program, from reviewing applications to screening answers and from grading applications to assigning applicants to various status levels within SAMS. There are various roles and permissions within SAMS to allow scholarship provider users different levels of access, including read only, review & grade, and full edit/admin rights.
How would SAMS work with our website? Can we let students know about the scholarship on our website?
Yes, you can publish all of the details about your scholarship on your website. We are happy to provide each scholarship provider/SAMS client with a link that can be placed on the provider/client website to direct students to the actual scholarship application hosted within SAMS. Once students get to the SAMS application, they can login (or, if they are first time users, register for an account) and apply for the scholarship.
Can the scholarship application be printed?
Yes, SAMS includes a “Prepare Printable Version” option for both students and scholarship providers.
Can students use SAMS to upload files to their applications?
Yes, many scholarship providers require students to provide additional documents when applying, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and essays. There is an option in SAMS that allows students to quickly upload these documents and files and easily save them with the application.
Does SAMS offer a text box for essays? If so, does it allow students to set the formatting?
Yes, SAMS includes a formatted text box that allows applicants to set a variety of formatting options (bold, italics, different font types, etc.). SAMS also offers a spellcheck feature in formatted text box fields.
How long does a scholarship application take to build in SAMS?
Though our SAMS team has been known to build a scholarship application in SAMS within 24-48 hours, it typically takes one to two weeks to create an application when working with a new client. Obviously, the amount of time it takes our team to launch your scholarship application can vary, depending on the complexity and length of the application form as well as the responsiveness and feedback during the testing and approval process.
Can SAMS send reminders to the students that have started an application, but have not yet completed it? If so, how often can these reminders be sent out?
Yes, SAMS can be configured to send email reminders to students with incomplete applications. SAMS typically starts the reminder notification process four weeks before the scholarship deadline date. SAMS can send out reminder emails as often as the scholarship provider wants, and we will work with the scholarship provider to set up a schedule for email reminders.
Will I get all of the information received from applicants at the end of the scholarship term?
Yes, SAMS can provide the scholarship provider with a complete data bundle containing all of your applicants’ data in a single file. The data bundle can easily be requested through the Provider Portal or by contacting your dedicated SAMS account manager.
Who will handle all of the customer service for the application?
Our Customer Care Team will handle all questions regarding the scholarship application. If applicants have specific questions about the scholarship program that we cannot answer, we will contact you for the answer and relay that information back to the applicant.
How do I find out about pricing for the different packages?
Please email us at or call 904-483-2930 to learn about pricing for our different packages. Also, feel free to contact us through our Get Started page.

If your question is not answered here, please email or call 904-483-2930.