Directory of Scholarships

Athletic Scholarships

Student athletes seeking financial aid assistance to pay for college can search for hundreds of athletic scholarships online. View our full list of scholarships for athletes & apply today!

College-Specific Scholarships

Whether you enroll at a community college or a four-year university, there is a multitude of college-specific scholarships to help pay for college. Find a college-specific scholarship from our full list & apply online today!

Company-Sponsored Scholarships

Several companies and organizations sponsor specific scholarships to help students pay for college each year. View our full list of company-sponsored scholarships & apply today!

Full List of Scholarships & Grants

Be sure to search our full list of scholarships, awards, and grants. You may find a scholarship that you're interested in or qualify for, but that didn't appear in your original searches!

Merit-Based Scholarships

There are many merit-based scholarships available for students that demonstrate high academic achievement in school. View our full list of merit-based scholarships & apply online today!

Minority Scholarships

Find scholarships specific to a minority group.

Our Scholarships offers thousands of dollars in free scholarship money for students each year. View our award opportunities and apply online now!

Scholarship by Grade

There are many scholarships available for college students of all different grade levels and year in school. View our full list of scholarships by grade & apply online today!

Scholarship Contests & Sweepstakes

Scholarship contests and sweepstakes typically don't require test scores or grades. These scholarship awards allow students to enter contests to win scholarship money. Search our list of contest and sweepstakes scholarships & apply today!

Scholarships By Major

Know what you want to study? There may be scholarships available just for your major. Students of all majors have access to hundreds of scholarships tailored specifically to their major. View our full list of scholarships by major & apply today!

Scholarships by State

Some scholarships are available based on a student's state of residence. Search for scholarships by state & apply today!

Scholarships by Type

There are hundreds of types of scholarships available to assist students in paying for college. View our full list of scholarships by type & apply online today!

Weird Scholarships

Looking for something out-of-the-box? Check out our list of weird and odd scholarships to find extra money for college. Search for a weird scholarship & apply online today!