Scholarships By Major

Business and Marketing Scholarships

These scholarships are open to Business and Marketing majors.

Computer Science Scholarships

Computer science is a rapidly growing field with many scholarship opportunities emerging for students to take advantage of. Check here if you want to learn Computer Science or start a career in Information Technology.

Criminal Justice Scholarships

Criminal justice majors can find a variety of scholarships tailored to those studying to work in the criminal justice system. If you wish to pursue a career in Criminal Justice, check this list.

Culinary Arts Scholarships

Culinary students studying to become chefs and cooks can apply for scholarship opportunities specfically for culinary majors. Search our full list of culinary scholarships & apply today!

Education Scholarships

Students entering the education industry are eligible for scholarship opportunities specifically for those planning to become teachers, principals, counselers, and more! Search for an education scholarship & apply today!

Engineering Scholarships

Students who plan to study engineering can find many opportunities to take advantage of scholarships that are offered to engineering majors.

Journalism Scholarships

Students entering the journalism or broadcast field may be eligible for journalism scholarships to help pay for college. View our full list of broadcast journalism scholarships & apply today!

Major-specific Scholarships

Check this list to see if a scholarship is offered for your field of study.

Medical Scholarships

Tomorrow's doctors have access to many different medical scholarships and grants that can assist them in paying for med school. Search our full list of medical scholarships & apply today!

Nursing Scholarships

Nursing students are eligible for several scholarship awards and opportunities to help future nurses pay for college. Search our full list of nursing scholarships & apply today!