College-Specific Scholarships

Whether you already have your heart set on your dream school or are trying to weigh out your financial aid options, our college-specific scholarships will help you find free money to help pay for that degree. Our list below includes schools from community colleges to four-year universities offering scholarships and financial aid specific to their students. Browse the college-specific scholarships below to discover the opportunities available at your school.

Community College Scholarships

Going to a community college is a great financial decision in continuing your education. However, these classes aren’t free! If you need help paying for your educational fees, check out these scholarships for community college students to help add some dollars to your college savings fund.

University Scholarships

The traditional route to college is often that of a four-year university In order to get the best and brightest students, many universities offer scholarships specific to their schools to help offset the cost of tuition for top performing pupils. Think you have what it takes? Search our university scholarships to find out.

Vocational and Career College Scholarships

Not all professions require you to obtain a four-year degree. Vocational and career colleges are great options if you plan to become a medical assistant, esthetician, HVAC technician, chef, and more! This training isn’t cheap, though. Browse our scholarships for vocational and career colleges to see your options for free college dollars.